Making its official debut at the Nike US Open of Surfing, Swellride is a new mobile app created by, and for, the surfing community. The app will allow users to update surf spot conditions in real time, share or post photos to the wall for community viewing, and send 20sec video clips of the surf or any event worth sharing.

“The Swellride App is awesome!" states Matt Myers, Team Manager for RipCurl.  "When I’m busy working, my friends can share video wave reports giving me the heads up on where to be. This saves time searching up and down the coast to find the proper zone”.

SANTA CRUZ, CA.. July 31, 2012 –  Swellride's platform consists of three core components: phone application, browser based website and integrated social and surfing community specific sources.

"We have been developing Swellride for over a year to insure we deliver the features unique to the surfing community", states Darin Collins, Co-Founder of Swellride.  "As a surfer I know the surfing community does not follow the norm. It is a unique culture and deserves to have its own social application dedicated to promoting the lifestyle and the passion of surfers all over the world".

Swellride will be introduced during the US Open of Surfing while more than a million people are gathered for one of the sport's premier events. The app enables surfers to update public and private surf spots in real time, share photos among friends or post photos to the wall for community viewing and comments; or send 20sec video clips of surf conditions or any event captured on video.

“Swellride has taken four different steps to set up photo shoots down into one," comments John Salanoa, Professional Surf Photographer.  "I can talk with WT and WQS surfers at the same time anywhere in the world. And, looking for the zone to shoot has become a 30 minute process and not a 2 hour drive up and down the coast".

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