Surf Park Summit 2, the second annual event thrown by the SDSU Center for Surf Research and Surf Park Central, will take place in conjunction with this year’s Surf Expo on September 7, 2016

September 31, 2016- 2015 was a watershed year for the surf park industry and anyone who dreams of having perfect waves appear at the touch of a button. In an effort to keep maintain this momentum the SDSU Center for Surf Research and Surf Park Central are hosting the second Surf Park Summit in conjunction with Surf Expo at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida on September 7th. More than 250 of the industry's leaders and interested entities from 25 countries have already registered for the event.

"We saw the surf park industry take a quantum leap after the first Surf Park Summit in 2013" said Summit co-founder and Director of the SDSU Center for Surf Research, Dr. Jess Ponting. "Surf Park Summit 2 takes things up from where the first summit left off. Where the first summit made the case for the industry, this one is all about making it happen. We have experts with real experience in seeing surf parks through from conception to operation and everything in between. Our aim is to provide actionable information, ideas, and contacts for everyone interested in entering the space" Ponting said.

August 1st 2015. Surf Snowdonia, the world's first commercial surf park opens to the public with waist to shoulder high 17 second rides. The Red Bull Unleashed contest six weeks later sees 24 of the world's best athletes converge in the remote foothills of North Wales to stage one of the most unique surfing contests ever held, won by big wave maniac Albee Layer. Rave reviews soon followed from competitors, spectators, and contest organizers.

Just three months later, 11x world surfing champion Kelly Slater dropped his video of an absurdly perfect wave reeling down the cold muddy waters of a repurposed private waterski lake in the rural central valley of California. Within an hour it had been seen 250,000 times. Within four days more than four million people had viewed it on Facebook alone. If surfing had an internet, Kelly broke it. The hype in the following weeks was enormous.

"Now, more so than ever in history, the world is talking about, investing in and developing man-made surf destinations. In 2015, more people surfed outside the ocean in pools and on man-made waves than ever before" – John Luff, Founder & President of Surf Park Central  "In 2016 the relatively niche business of taking surfing beyond the ocean is quickly transforming into a global industry that can be attributed to employing hundreds of people worldwide with economic impacts quickly approaching the billion dollar plus realm. What we’re seeing today is only the tip of the iceberg in where the Surf Park and man-made wave industry has the potential to go."

In 2017 Surf Loch and American Wave Machines are scheduled to open the first of the third generation pneumatic surf pools. Webber Wave Pools are on the cusp of a major announcement, and Wavegarden finished another, bigger, 30 million dollar project at NLand Surf Park in Austin Texas.

Surf Park Summit 2 will provide a snapshot of the industry and provide information, insight, tools, and connections for moving it forward. With the Austin's NLand Surf Park completed but still unopened due to filtration regulations, a panel of experts will specifically address this issue. Another will tackle the options and creative solutions available for getting projects financed. Emerging technologies will be showcased along with the latest research in the space including analysis of surfing's Olympic future, and emerging surf park markets like China.

Surf Park Summit 2 has assembled a carefully curated list of leaders in the surf park space designed to help all stakeholders navigate the complex development landscape to advance existing projects, and move others off the back of a napkin and into reality.

Speakers Include:

•       Andy Ainscough – Co-Founder & Managing Director at Surf Snowdonia

•       Fernando Aguerre – President of the International Surfing Association (ISA)

•       Mark (Skip) Taylor – Experience Creator at RePlay Resorts & an alumni of IMG

•       Gary Ream – President at Camp Woodward & International Skateboarding Federation (ISF)

•       Tony Perez – GM, SURFER, Surfing & SUP Brands at The Enthusiast Network

•       John Luff – Founder & President, Surf Park Central

•       PT Townend – First World Professional Surfing Champion (1976)

•       Bruce McFarland, Founder & President at American Wave Machines

•       Roy Turner, Executive Vice President & Group Show Director for Surf Expo

•       Dr. Jess Ponting – Director of San Diego State University's Center for Surf Research

•       Tom Lochtefeld, CEO of Surf Loch & Wave House

•       Robert Reynolds, Director at Park Lane and Managing Director at Surf Park Solutions

•       Claude Coudry, Founder & President, Oasis Surf

•       Sean Young, Founder and Head of Colliers International Destination Consulting

•       Tony Finn, Founder of Liquid Force

•       Mo Rahma, The UAE's First Competitive Surfer

•       Panels on Emerging Wave Technologies, Financing and Filtration

A VIP only surf session will be held the morning of Sept 6th at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon surf park. A Surf Park Summit after party will also be held at Typhoon Lagoon on the 7th with Firewire providing demo boards for both events for a total of six hours of surf park surfing.

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