On September 16 and 17, the Oceanside community came together for the fourth annual “Surf For The Sea” contest-a benefit for both the Surfrider Foundation and The League For Coastal Protection.[IMAGE 1]More importantly, the contest is a memorial for some friends who have sadly left us in the recent years. Harry Bennett, Tore Bonura, Chuck “Clubber” Hundley, and Banning Capps were all very loved in the community and are dearly missed.

The Surf For The Sea has become a proud tradition in the Oceanside/Carlsbad community and the turnout of 175 competitors is proof it keeps growing every year. Although a local contest, pro’s and amateurs from all over San Diego County enjoyed the two- to four-foot waves that stayed pretty fun all weekend.

In the Pro division, past winners Jason Bennett and Jeremy Heit took early losses which left the door open for finalists Jeremy Sommerville, Dane Johnson, Nick Kovack, and Eric Viscosi. Sommerville’s consistent surfing held off the young amateur Johnson (who also won the highly contested Junior division) as he took home a first place check of 500 dollars. Johnson followed in second with 250 dollars, Kovack took third and 125 dollars, and Viscosi took fourth and 100 dollars. [IMAGE 2]Special thanks goes out to Erik Krammer and all the sponsors who made the contest happen-everyone’s already looking forward to next year’s.

The following are the results:

1. Jeremy Sommerville $500
2. Dane Johnson $250
3. Nick Kovack $125
4. Eric Viscosi $100

1. Tom Steenbock
2. Philippe Boutin
3. Rat Batisti
4. Matt McCarley


1. Chris Thompson
2. Javier Carvallo
3. Matt Brown
4. Brian Reba

[IMAGE 3] Juniors
1. Dane Johnson
2. Justin Wiegand
3. Matt Merel
4. Josh Montgomery

1. Jensen Hassett
2. Drew Williams
3. Toby Adams
4. Alex Ganguli


1. Jensen Hassett
2. Charlie Stevens
3. Chris Friesen
4. Kasie Perskin

1. John Schnittger
2. Michael Bono
3. Larry King
4. Brooks Mackin

1. Tasia Jones
2. Jamie Lagardere
3. Tessa Merel
4. Renae Langston