Surf Athlete Social Rankings Powered by Hookit: 01.01.2016 – 04.01.2016

*Rankings Based off Total Interactions Score from Athlete’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; Measures Total Followers, New Followers, Post Volume, and Engagement

Gabriel Medina, the young Brazilian and 2014 ASP world champion, has undoubtedly captured that top spot on social media once again, blowing his competition out of the water—no pun intended. Medina’s post volume for Q1 is significantly less that his runner-up, Bethany Hamilton, but the new followers gained, hovering around 613K, trumps that of any of his adversaries. This bump puts Medina’s total following at a staggering 5.7M with 16.1M interactions. Check out Surfing’s “American Surfing Roundtable” for a deeper understanding of the Brazilian’s social media world domination.

The ladies of surfing help to round out that podium as the social media legacy continues to grow with Bethany Hamilton and Alana Blanchard. Although Blanchard’s post volume is low, at 92 posts over 91 days, her total followers is nearly 4M, with a gain of 177K and a solid engagement level at 2.5% across all three social platforms. Surprising? We think not.

Dane Reynolds is doing something right, sitting comfortably in fourth place for Q1, with an engagement level at 33%, crushing every surfer on the top 25 list. This heightened engagement level across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter combined put Reynolds in the top five. What is your secret, Dane?


One thing that rings true among almost all 25 of our top social surfers is a high post volume. According to Hookit, the average post volume from our Q1 results is 263.72 per athlete, distributed across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. That’s a lot of social media!

Thanks to Hookit for the quarterly social rankings.

*From Hookit on Interactions Rankings: Hookit’s automated database of over 350K amateur and professional athletes updates in real-time recording valuable metrics such as follower growth, fan interactions, mentions and more. An interaction is a like or comment on Instagram, a like or re-tweet on Twitter, and a Like, Comment or Share on Facebook. To determine the total interactions in our reporting we add together all of an athletes interactions received from fans on content posted using any of their social media accounts over a specified length of time.