Exposure Meter Déjà vu; Florence takes top spot across all meters

It's John John's world and everyone else is just surfing in it.



John John Retains Reign, Chippa Shot Onto The Podium

Apparently winning agrees with John John Florence, because this guy has held the overall Exposure-Meter title for seven months running. Kelly Slater continues his hold on the silver medal spot, but Dane Reynolds's podium-push in the September mags fell short this month, as Chippa Wilson stole third, climbing as many spots. For his part, Nathan Fletcher earns Mover of the Month, skipping ahead six spots to make his mark on the Top Ten. Either we're having déjà vu, or Florence has once again topped all three meters; the powerhouse is leading the pack on the Edit front while also milking October Ad space for all its worth.



Chippa 'Chips' away at John John's lead

Though Florence retains his spot atop the podium, Chippa Wilson made moves in this month's round of Edit-mania, trading in fourth place for second and knocking Dane Reynolds back into bronze. Dylan Graves, plus some serious TransWorld SURF face time, equals a fourth place finish, pushing Jack Robinson and Dusty Payne back into sixth and seventh respectively. Dion Agius tumbled to the back of the pack, making room for Mitch Coleborn to link up with Mason Ho for an eighth place tie.




Adventures in Advertising

Though John John Florence is still maintaining a comfortable lead in this month's Ad race, the rest of the Meter got a makeover. While Josh Kerr decided it was time to one-up Slater and take over second place, Kolohe Andino and his Nike airs launched over Alex Gray for sixth. Jamie O'Brien swapped eighth for ninth, and Nathan Fletcher vacated his tenth place seat for Craig Anderson. Unfortunately for Bede Durbidge, his place among the Top Ten got swiped— but we're not counting out a comeback.



Channel Islands Continues

In one of the few categories Florence can't dominate, it's Channel Islands taking the win over in Logo Land. Apparently Quiksilver wasn't cool with third place, and swapped with Volcom for second. Nike, Monster, and Red Bull kept things steady in their respective fourth, fifth, and sixth place positions, while Vans broke its tie with Rip Curl to take sole custody of tenth.




Tom Carey Still Posing Atop The Photo World

The battle for photog glory stayed pretty steady throughout October's titles; while Carey basks in yet another lead, Stafford and Struntz kept hold of their respective second and third place bragging rights. Carey cemented his first place finish after a nice little jaunt to Brazil for Surfing Magazine, and the resulting ten-page spread. Not content with sitting still, however, is Brian Bielmann. This half of the Bielmann brothers nailed a TransWorld SURF cover shot, not to mention an extensive feature for the mag, and made a five-spot swap to snag fourth place. Looks like the barrels just weren't sweet enough for Lawrence, who fell back into seventh, with Jimmicane and Brent Bielmann following suit and stepping back into eighth and ninth, respectively.