UPDATE: As of Thursday, September 7, Surf Expo has announced it will close the show down at 6 p.m. and it will not re-open Friday or Saturday, September 8-9, “due to the progressive conditions of Hurricane Irma.” Read the full announcement from Surf Expo.

Surf Expo announced Tuesday that it will shorten its usual three-day schedule to take precautions for the impending Hurricane Irma, which is expected to make its way up the coast.

Wednesday’s Demo Day at Bill Frederick Park will take place as scheduled, beginning at noon E.T. Wednesday, September 6. The show will be open for business as planned on Thursday, September 7, at the Orange County Convention Center, but with a revised schedule that sees the show shutting down by 5 p.m. Friday, September 8.

surf expo shortens schedule

Hurricane Irma’s predicted path, which now includes Orlando, Florida.

While the future path of Irma is not yet clearly defined, many weather forecasters predict the storm could now reach the inner counties of Florida, including Orlando. Orlando could begin feeling the effects of Irma by Saturday, September 9. Surf Expo said its working continuously with Orange County Convention Center management and local authorities to ensure they are making the best decisions for its exhibitors, partners and attendees.

“We believe this to be the best course of action,” Surf Expo stated in its official announcement.

surf expo shortens schedule

Surf Expo will see an abbreviated schedule as Orlando prepares to hunker down and feel effects of Hurricane Irma as soon as Saturday, September 8.

The staff recommends adjusting travel and hotel accommodations promptly to accommodate for the upcoming abbreviated schedule. More information will be available soon from Surf Expo staff about next steps for exhibitors, who will now be breaking down their booths a day early.

“Show management will distribute revised move-out procedures on Wednesday. We strongly encourage you to contact your personal insurance agent now for further insights on how to address your investments in this event.”


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