superbrand expands its operations in canada

Photo caption: SUPERbrand rider Sepp Bruhwiler flying high on the West coast of Canada. Photo: Jeremy Koreski

SUPERbrand Expands Its Operation In Canada

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PRESS RELEASE – SUPERbrand is pleased to announce that they've partnered with two of the top Canadian sales agencies—JRH and Vert. The move acknowledges the tremendous growth in the surf scene in Canada. "As wetsuit technology has advanced, the number of surfers in Canada has exploded," says SUPERbrand Marketing Director Justin Coté. "With SUPERbrand team rider Sepp Bruhwiler as a prime example, they're a hearty and hardcore bunch, that's for sure," he adds.

"The lifestyle association, paired with the ever-growing curiosity and traveling mindset of the younger generation, leaves us in a great spot to see rapid growth of the surf culture in our region and the brands that are associated with that lifestyle," says Erik Gelling from JRH which is based in Vancouver, British Colombia. "We're stoked to be on board with SUPERbrand, it's really an exciting opportunity for us!" he adds.

The feeling is the same on the East Coast/Great Lakes region of Canada. "SUPERbrand has a lot of the qualities I appreciate in a company; from the under one roof manufacturing, to innovative ideas like related board and apparel graphics to Clay Marzo," says Mark Strang from Ontario-based VERT Agencies. "The surfing lifestyle has always been strongly marketed to Canadians but now they are realizing they can turn their surf fantasies into realities," adds Strang.

"I'm so happy to partner up with two of the most respected agencies in Canada—they have a long history of making brands successful and excellent track records," says SUPERbrand International Sales Director Dorig Bocquet. "We're really looking forward to expanding our apparel and surfboard reach in Canada," he adds.

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About SUPERbrand:

SUPERbrand Surfboards and Apparel is a Southern California based surf company with a global reach. Founded in 2008 with professional surfers Dion Agius, Clay Marzo, and Ry Craike, its energy, progression, and imagination is showcased in their fashion forward apparel and surfboard design. With branches in Australia, Portugal and Brazil, SUPERbrand steps forward, setting a new image for the next generation of design and creative energy.


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