In rough economic times, especially as the temperature’s spike, it’s often much easier to convince customers they need to upgrade their scene to a new pair of shades than to ust about anything else. With an average sales price of nearly 94 dollars and margins averaging close to 46 percent according to ActionWatch, having a sunglass case stocked with the hottest styles is essential.

We tapped the minds of top sunglass manufacturers from across the industry to find out how they’re planning on setting the style for eyewear trends in 2010 to keep you ahead of the curve.

Peep the 2010 shades in our Product Preview HERE!

Anarchy & AngelScott Sorensen, Director Quantum Sun/Lifestyle Brands

Next year’s lines will see lots more lens tints and a continuation of fun color frames. You will also see a strong trend back to basics and classics. People are realizing that they have been wearing clown shoes for last few years and will continue to go back to classic shapes and styles.

Consumers are looking for value and want a great reliable product for it. We are developing new product at the $45 and $55 dollar prices. Our mission is to offer a great quality product at reasonable price. Margins for retailers will still be keystone.

AnonBrent Lantz, Director of Sales

All I can say is sex sells, so we are going for it! We've been working on a very special collection of product. Be looking out for it early Spring 2010!

Retailers are definitely working to keep their inventory as tight as possible, so from our side we just need to make sure we service them as best as possible. This means making sure we re-fill the cases with product that moves on a regular basis as well as rotating the stock in their case to keep the inventory fresh.

ArnetteJoe Freitag, Arnette Brand Manager

No matter what the trends are, Arnette continues to dedicate itself to progressive design, maximum functionality, and unparalleled quality, focusing on timeless styling with a clear design story. Trends will always shift to favor certain looks, but the backbone of our line clearly represents the brand's point of view and design aesthetic. That being said, throwback styles like the Agent and Alter Ego play an important role, and you'll see medium/large frames with all-around classic and clean design like the Snap and Defy as the driving force of the line. The consumer is more educated on the benefits of polarized lenses than ever before, so you'll continue to see multiple polarized offerings across the line.

AshburyLance Michael Hakker, Brand Director

We have 2 pro model sunglasses coming out next year as well as a collab with Kr3w. The Kr3w collab will be matte black with chrome lenses and black studs on the Daytripper. Lizard King’s colorway will be on the Daytripper as well. Lizard is down for the greenroom, so his Daytripper will come in green. We’re also making our version of the loc, you know, that quentessential gangster shade. We’re only doing this one in black, and that is Bryan Herman’s pro model.

Body Glove Sarah Lalau, Public Relations

Next year you will see product that is very lifestyle driven for Body Glove, [with] lots of easy to wear designs and great shapes. You will see more of our Vapor series of great products and more of our floating products as well.

People will always need eye protection and I think we will continue to see a trend of consumers buying affordable, great quality sunglasses.

Brigada Jim Greco, designer/owner

We will be experimenting with different colored frames and different tints on the lenses, and more collaborations with other people as well as other brands. It is going to be and exciting year!

New team rider Jamie Thomas will release his signature model sunglasses. Also, Johnny Fratto will be collaborating with Brigada to release his own signature shades. Fratto has been featured in 'Mob Candy' magazine, and is a personality on the Howard Stern radio show.

Crush/KreedMark Lohrbach, VP Sales

Combination of the past meets the present with retro styles in metal aviators and plastics married to new style directions and great colors, color hits and color patterns. Both ends of the spectrum in frame sizes are showing up from the larger more rounded shapes to the smaller fun 50’s, 60’s and 70’s hippy meets IBM influences. Polarized lenses and multi grade lenses and lens tints matching with frame colors, logo’s and metal details are part of what makes the sunglass business more fun than ever before!

DragonHillary Balch, Eyewear Product Line Manager

The E.C.O. material (Environmentally Conscious Optics – sunglasses made from renewable materials) that we introduced this year in the Experience frame will definitely be a focus for us and continue to expand in the line. A lot of emphasis has been put on lens colors as well – the crazier and brighter, the better. Frame color is still a huge focus, but has transitioned into more toned down hues – think subtle and refined. We're really into transparent colors as well right now – they are really easy to wear and a progression from the neon's of seasons past. Don't get me wrong, we still love our brights. But it's good to have something a little more subtle to wear too for those days that you just don't want all of that attention.

ElectricDon Dyer, Director of Sales

[For 2010] our bread and butter styles are remaining the same but we are adding some options to the line as well for both men and women.

Electric's unquestionable success for 2009 is the launch of our women's line.  We have two styles that were released in Q1 that are doing very well even through tough economic times.  Electric has always had a strong male customer but now we are much more balanced with the release of the Velveteen and Hightone.

Fox EyewearRob Ramlose, Fox Eyewear Brand Manager

Fox Eyewear is an eclectic collection that combines classic designs with comfortable fit. The Fox Eyewear line solidifies our devotion to producing exclusive designs without compromising comfort. With unique styles and the highest level of clarity, polarization, impact resistance and UV protection that HDO Technology® has to offer, retailers and consumers take notice to Fox Eyewear more every season.

Hobie PolarizedChuck Bonnici, Director of Sales

Technology is a differentiating factor in polarized sunglasses. The Hobie® Polarized HydroClean™ Plus lens technology uses hydrophobic, anti-reflective and oleophobic lens coatings to create a lens that sheds water, is easy to clean and eliminates bounce back glare. This combined with Hobie's proven polarizing film results in the best polarized lens on the market today.

HovenAlan Ek, Sales and Marketing Manager

We try and stay consistent with our brand story – clean, timeless and rock n roll. We are offering the best value on the market… starting at $50 and polarized at $65 and we still are giving the retailers the same margins as the big boys (50% margin). Great styles, incredible quality – with a real brand story… at the right price.

Our line is really masculine. But our women consumer is growing and demanding more from our Melrose collection… so we will definitely be sprinkling in more women specific frames.

IS EyewearKarl Fuhre, Brand Manager

The whole retro influence is still hanging in there. Classic frame styles, bright color ways and multi flash lenses continue to be popular. Generally we're not seeing technology affecting the consumer's decision-making process with the exception of the must have IS Eyewear Party Harness. From what we're seeing people are willing to wear flashier attention grabbing styles and are using sunglasses as more of a style accessory than a cyborg enhancement kit. Not to say I won't one day be rocking a pair of sunglasses with binocular capabilities or some type of iPhone adapted sunglass Xray app…

Julbo Christophe Beaud, Co-owner

Based on the success of the Run and Dirt in 2009 we will see more styles following this format for 2010 including rimless versions and an increased us of NXT lenses– particularly the Zebra, but perhaps some new versions. Also, an expansion of the kids' line with more unified, fun styling. (photo:)

KaenonSteve Rosenberg, President

Kaenon is already the industry leader and the benchmark for Polarized lens technology, and we will continue to create further awareness to the benefits of superior lens clarity and acuity that is offered by Kaenon Polarized.

As for styles, we see a move towards more moderate frame sizing, still inspired by retro periods, but with a more modest finishing approach (in logos and garish treatments).  Fit and functionality will continue to become more of a theme as consumers seek to purchase fewer pairs and demand a longer lifespan (value for their investment) – both in style and durability.

OakleyAndy McSorley, Eyewear Brand Manager

Polarized lenses continue to be in high demand and the savvy retailers are capitalizing by expanding their Polarized mix and educating their staff on the benefits. On the style front brighter frame colors and mirrored lenses are still going strong, especially in the more classic silhouettes. 

Optic NerveTom Fox, Vice President

Retro styling and aviator styling is still gaining strength. Oversized frames are still good sellers, but the mid sized trend is growing. Polarized is also still popular. There is a trend towards products with a renewable/sustainable/ environmental “green” focus in materials and packaging. We will use more laser and transfer graphic applications to sunglasses and goggles.

Pleasure Ground Tom Kabbash, Founder and Designer

As the recession continues, consumer purchases trend toward needs versus wants, so our line will extend toward performance features in 2010. With us, you’ll see low profile integrated hinges, small gripper details in the bridge and temple tips, full coverage, subtle venting and other performance features that start to cater to the very active customer that need performance in their eyewear, in addition to just looking good. (

QuiksilverJason Shelton, Director of Sales, Accessories & Wetsuits

For 2010 there will be a greater focus on performance eyewear. Clean designs, toric lenses and polarization will be important features next year. The line will be centered on clean wearable frames.  Bright colors and aggressive eye shapes will be toned down.

RoxyPamela Levine, Roxy, Swim & Accessories Sales Manager

For 2010 we will be introducing several new handmade acetates as well as freshening up our collection of basic opening price point injections.  Feminine butterfly eye shapes and bold 4 base acetates will be important features next year.

Sabre – Levi and Mumma

Sabre will be taking another completely original fashion forward trend setting direction for 2010. Sabre has been flattered to see that the industry is taking notice of our direction by following our lead in both design and marketing.

SmithJoel Bernbaum, Product Manager

This coming year's line is going to be the most exciting Smith has ever produced. Optical superiority remains the focus of our eyewear and we will be expanding our offering in Techlite Polarized Glass lens product to strengthen this position.

We are also bringing our highly successful Evolve campaign into our sunglass line by introducing a palette of new models featuring frames made using a 100% recyclable and biodegradable, non-food stuff based material made from esthers of castor beans.

On the style side look for more solid, sellable silhouettes with modern details, accents and twists. We will be complimenting the number one metal frame in the industry, the Serpico, with several new metals that expand on the theme and success of this model. Additionally Smith glasses will also come treated with a scented attractant to subconsciously draw new customers to the Smith case– kind of like bear bait for sunglasses.

Spy Matt Harkins, Spy Brand Manager

You will see a healthy balance between Spy's bread and butter pieces and just the right amount of pop colors and treatments that have defined our brand as a leader in lifestyle fashion. Taking the brand back to the edge for design and trending is a major goal. We pushed it so far for next season, we're not even sure if we get it! We are also building a collab program to work with some of our partners in crime across eyewear, snow and moto industries. So yes, we are doing cool things.

Von ZipperGreg “GT” Tomlinson, Marketing Director

On the Men’s side retro-sport influences will continue with looks from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Cat Eyes, Butterfly and Round lens shapes will gain momentum on the girls side with a continued focus on rich metal side details. Crystal and Translucent frame colors, combined with colored chrome lenses. Satin finishes with subtle pad print textures.