Canada, prepare to get steezy. Boston-based snow, skate and culture quarterly Steez Magazine has announced that it will begin distribution throughout Canada, starting with the 25th issue set to release this October.

"Were super stoked for all the expansion, it's something we've always dreamed about. It's exciting to reach more people in new and different places,” said Steez Editor-in-Chief Andrew Bablo.” “The sky is the limit,” Bablo continued.

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This news comes on the coattails of recent expansion to newsstand distribution in the United States this July. Earlier this year, Steez Magazine was accepted by Ingram Periodicals, one of the largest magazine distributors in the country, for their distribution program. Now, not only will Steez be increasing their number of distribution locations, they have also increased their circulation. These moves have helped Steez reach new customers in entirely new markets and continue to grow on a regular basis, all while remaining a fully independent publication.

Steez Magazine has been around for over five years, and has remained fully independent, staying true to it's grass roots upbringing. The Boston based magazine has shown steady growth since it's inception, and its strong commitment to reader's interests and publication quality has never changed. Ingram Periodicals was founded in 1986, and is an operating component of the Ingram Content group. They distribute specialty retail and general interest publications with over 4,500 titles from around the world.