The State of Skate 2016 Official Report | How much International growth will the skate market see?

Find out which regions skateboard manufacturers predict future growth


Skateboard manufacturers predict anticipated International growth across several regions

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on the horizon, the skateboard community is preparing for what the future holds once the sport and culture we hold with a firm grasp is released into the mainstream world at a global level.

Part of that inevitable evolution is the growth of skateboarding as a business--a topic that has been widely discussed by the community at large over the past several years. In our 2016 State Of Skate research, we wanted to learn more about skateboard manufacturers' attitudes toward international expansion--specifically, if they had seen growth, and whether they thought that growth would continue.

international growth

The resounding answer was yes. More than 30% of all manufacturers we polled said they predicted international sales growth. When asked where that growth would come from, about 50% said Europe. Europe was also at the top of the list when skate manufacturers were asked to rate which International markets experienced the most growth in 2015, followed by Central and South America, and Asia Pacific.

What can we conclude? In some ways, skateboarding has become less of a counter culture in the U.S., and more of the status quo, especially within the California bubble and other regions of our country. But in emerging markets like Japan, this culture is new and still has room to grow. Whether or not you are a proponent of skateboarding's Olympic inclusion, it's inevitable that with that next step, the sport and business will continue to see growth.


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