The State Of Skate 2016: Consumer Buying Habits

 Which emerging brands are skaters’ most likely to buy in the future?

In an ever competitive playing field, some of the smaller, up-and-coming brands—with less overhead and more nimble strategies—are on the rise in skateboarding, and beyond. In our proprietary consumer survey, which tapped TransWorld SKATEboarding's audience, we learned which of these emerging brands are surfacing on skaters' radar.

To set the table, we polled more than 500 skateboarders, nearly 30% were between the ages of 11 and 24 years old. Wanting a deeper look inside what influences their buying habits, we asked them about which brands they've owned and which ones they were most likely to buy in the near future across a range of categories, including apparel, footwear, trucks, wheels, bearings, and decks.

While we were able to garner interesting information from each of these areas, the deck category revealed the biggest year-over-year differences.

emerging brands

Compared to what we found last year, the tables shifted quite a bit when it came to which brands the consumer was planning to buy in the future. The top five responses from our 2015 survey were:

1. Girl

2. Real

3. Antihero


5. Chocolate

It's no secret the skate industry is seeing a shift in consumer demand, as participation transitions from "core" to "casual," and retailers in the space realize diversified offerings and updated strategies are needed in order to compete. These factors, combined with a new media landscape, is arguably one way to explain the nature in which smaller brands have risen to the top of consumer's lists.


The State of Skate 2016 Official Report | Transworld Business