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Who is the core skater?


State of Skate Consumer Insights: Who is the core skater?

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In 2014, there were approximately 6.5 million skaters in the United States alone, and that number has grown 5.7% from 2013, according to the For our State of Skate 2015 report, we surveyed a much more focused, core audience of TransWorld SKATEboarding’s digital readership to gather some of the most interesting information about what influences their purchasing habits, which brands they have bought, and what they are most likely to buy in the future.  For more on that, check out:

Core Skaters' Buying Habits

Skaters Weigh In on Top Footwear Brands

To get a better understanding of who we talked to when gathering these insights, here’s a quick stat, among many others contained in our State of Skate 2015 report, that speaks volume to who this skater is:


Who is the core skater?

To get a copy of the State of Skate 2015, download the report here.


The State Of Skate 2015: Now Available To Download

Skaters Weigh In On Top Footwear Brands

Core Skaters' Buying Habits