Download the 2015 State Of Skate report.

State of Skate Consumer Insights | How often do you skate?


The State of Skate Consumer Insights| How often do you skate?

We went deep in the Consumer Insight section of our 2015 State Of Skate report, breaking down some of the most sought-after information that can help companies—both in the space and outside of it—grow their business.  Some of that data includes the top twenty footwear, apparel, trucks, wheels, and decks brands that skaters said they owned, and which ones they said they were likely to purchase in the future.

Download the 2015 State Of Skate report.

Because we also wanted to highlight who this core skater was and why they considered themselves a skater, we asked them a few questions that qualified them for the role. One of the most impressive facts we found was that 72% of  those surveyed from TransWorld Skateboarding’s digital audience say they skate at least once per week. A large percentage (76%) of them also consider themselves most drawn to Street and Park skating.  Here are a few more interesting insights:

State Of Skate Consumer Insights: Who Is The Core Skater?

Skaters Weigh In On Top Footwear Brands

Core Skaters' Buying Habits

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