Throughout the past few years, environmental impacts have become a trending theme that brands and athletes alike have taken into consideration. SPY optics, professional snowboarder DCP, and snowboard manufacturer Yes have teamed up to further the eco-friendly mission by creating the Zed snow goggle. This exclusive goggle mirrors the environmental responsibility all three parties value. Read the details of this green goggle, and note that partial proceeds go towards Costa Rican renewal efforts.

SPY + DCP + YES create the Zed Snow Goggle...wear it knowing you're apart of an eco-friendly movement

SPY + DCP + YES create the Zed Snow Goggle...wear it knowing you're apart of an eco-friendly movement

CARLSBAD, Calif. – SPY OpticTM today announced the release of its SPY® + DCP + YesTM ZedTM snow goggle, a product collaboration with SPY® Professional Snowboarder DCP and snowboard manufacturer YesTM. The result of the effort is a frame that suggests jibbing trees in the backcountry like an angry logger doesn’t preclude hugging them along the way.

“The Zed TM really brings together my approach to riding right now,” says DCP.  “I have really started becoming aware of my impact on the planet. As a snowboarder I appreciate being in nature so much. My career completely depends on nature. SPY® helps me give back to it through this ongoing collaboration.”

The SPY® + DCP + Yes TM goggle uses organic, eco-friendly materials to construct a frame printed with DCP’s own YesTMTM hemp patching. It also comes with an organic cotton pouch with goggle-matching print rendered in eco-friendly soy ink. A portion of sales of the SPY® + DCP + YesTM ZedTM snow goggle will go towards reforestation efforts in Costa Rica through Snowboard graphic and strap replete with novel SPY® and Yes
“The goggle keeps me 100% confident,” says DCP. “It keeps me confident on the slopes with insane reliability and lens clarity. It also keeps me confident in the health of our planet, erasing our carbon footprint one step at a time.”

MSRP for the SPY® + DCP + Yes TM ZedTM is $109.95, with a bronze with green SpectraTM lens and a free yellow bonus lens. The SPY® + DCP + YesTM ZedTM goggle features a polycarbonate cylindrical dual lens system; the SPY®-patented anti-fogging Scoop® venting system; flexible polyurethane frame; triple-layer IsotronTM face foam featuring moisture-wicking Dri-ForceTM fleece; dual-adjustment, silicone-ribbed strap; and 100% UV protection.

The ZedTM snow goggle is available in variety of other colorways, including SB, Occult, Crust, Bright Idea, Unite and solid black frame or solid white frame, as well as an array of to-be-announced signature models. ZedTM lenses come in a variety of tints in the SpectraTM series for sunny days, as well as uniquely tinted and mirrored lenses for all-around visibility.

For additional information about the SPY® + DCP TM+YesTM ZedTM snow goggle, go to the website. For more information about SPY®, log-on at and