Faith Skate Supply Owner Peter Karvonen

Faith Skate Supply Owner Peter Karvonen

Faith Skateboard Supply has been a fixture in the Birmingham, Alabama skate scene since they opened their doors in 1995.  The shop has actively worked to build up the skate scene in Birmingham’s community by hosting demos, constructing skate spots and hosting clinics in partnership with A.Skate Foundation that introduce autistic children to the world of skateboarding.

Recently named the Southern Regional Shop of the Year in the TransWorld Business 2010 Industry and Retail Awards, owner Peter Karnoven and Faith Skateboard Supply have successfully promoted skateboarding in their community, despite the rough economic conditions of the past few years. Karvonen says he works closely with brands that have skateboarding’s best interests at the forefront of its business, and values those that give back to the skate community and local core shops.

“I want to believe that core retailers are the heart and soul behind most skate scenes, however things are changing,” says Karvonen. “We as a core retailer live to promote skateboarding locally in all aspects. We keep it alive here in Alabama!”

Faith’s number one goal is to continue strengthening skateboard culture in Birmingham, and educate the local community about the sport’s foundation in the city.

“Many of our customers now were not around three years ago,” says Karvonen. “So this year we have pushed hard to let our consumers know that there is history in this place. We have deep roots in this skate community and there is a reason why people should support their local skateshop.'”

Faith Skate Supply walk through from faithskatesupply on Vimeo.