Right in time for summer, towel brand Slowtide has dropped their Summer 17 collection. Featuring collaborations with professional surfers, artists and more, the collection continues to cement Slowtide’s leading position in the towel category.

Photography: Willie Kessel & Monroe Alvarez

The SLOWTIDE Summer 17 Collection expands the product offering by introducing a new ESSENTIALS COLLECTION that features three premium 100% cotton jacquard bath towels along with an 80"x 66" lightweight, oversized Turkish blanket and two eye-catching round towels to the line. The lookbook features Slowtide ambassadors SAGE ERICKSON and EVAN MOCK at the Surf Jack in Hawaii.

This season’s artist collaborations feature Portland-founded brand, POLER; known for their creative approach to all things outdoor and embracing the camp-vibes lifestyle. California-born surfer and artist KASSIA MEADOR is best known for her graceful surf style and being crowned the queen of nose riding.

KASSIA + SURF has pushed the boundaries of women's surf culture, lifestyle and design.

DAN CLIMAN, a Montreal based tattoo and visual artist is known for his timeless aesthetic. Dan recently opened an art gallery called the "Ladder Place" which aims to produce and exhibit objects that appeal to those with an appreciation for creativity and quality.

NICKY KRISS is an international artist based in Victoria, Australia. Nicky has a unique vision for bringing color assortments together with dynamic textural sense in an aesthetic that would perhaps not be brought together otherwise.

Lastly, LADYSLIDER; who has spent most of her life in the water or behind the lens is well renowned for her vibrant, artistic and authentic look at life in Hawaii.

The Summer 17 Collection retails from $16.95 – $79.95 and is now available globally at our premium retail partners and online at Slowtide.

About Slowitde:

From dying fabric, mixing paints, manipulating pixels and collaborating with artists and photographers. Slowtide created a medium for art; the Beach Canvas. Based in Hawaii and California. Slowtide embraces creative freedom, self-expression and the lust for adventure.

For sample requests or more information, please contact:
Co-Founder / Marketing Director Dario Phillips at [email protected]