Skateboarding heavyweights weigh in on Nora Vasconcellos, the first female skater to go pro for adidas

Skateboarding icons weigh in on Vasconcellos, adidas' first female pro skater.

A new short film titled “Nora” is a look inside the makings of Nora Vasconcellos, who in August 2017 was named the first female pro on adidas’ global skate team.

nora vasconcellos film

Photo: Andrew Peters

A star-studded roster of pro skateboarders and legends, including Guy Mariano, Jeff Grosso, Lance Mountain, Andrew Reynolds and Marc Johnson, weigh in on Nora’s style, talent and what makes her stand out from the rest.

“She’s the elite of the elite,” pro skater Jeff Grosso states.

“She’s one of my favorite -- not girl skateboarders -- one of my favorite skateboarders,” pro skater Andrew Reynolds chimes in. “If I think of a backside air, I think of some of her photos. I’ve always compared my skating or something I want to be like to dude skaters. It’s the first time it’s popped into my head: ‘backside air like Nora.’ She’s just sick.”

nora vasconcellos film

A one-two punch from Nora Vasconcellos. Photo: Andrew Peters

Growing up in a small town in Massachusetts, Vasconcellos was obsessed with skating at a young age. The film opens with home footage of her pure excitement after receiving a skateboard for Christmas, followed by testaments from her family, friends and fellow skaters about her dedication to the sport.

As the first female skater for adidas’ global team, Vasconcellos has been recognized by her peers and the industry for her unprecedented talents. The digital short gives a concrete look at a charismatic skater and her personal experience navigating a predominantly male-led industry.

nora vasconcellos film

Photo: Giovanni Reda

Boldly redefining the skateboarding landscape, Vasconcellos normalizes the sport, inspiring more women to participate. A new and powerful voice inside the skate community, Nora's penchant for pushing boundaries, quick wit and charm makes her a burgeoning pioneer that transcends far beyond the board.

“I think we still live in a day and age that, as a woman, the odds are stacked against you, kind of in any industry,” says Vasconcellos. “So I think any breakthrough is a step in the right direction.”

The film is directed by the Webby-Award winning Giovanni Reda.

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