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OTIS Eyewear Collaborates with Russ Pope on the Sea Glass Collection

Oceanside, CA – OTIS Eyewear, an Australian-founded, premium, 100% mineral glass lens eyewear brand is pleased to announce the release of the Sea Glass Collection in collaboration with artist Russ Pope.

The 'Mona' in lavender sea glass

The OTIS Sea Glass Collection takes these frosted colors created by the ocean and brings them to life in a limited edition range of frames, paired with our naturally sourced, scratch resistant, mineral glass lenses.

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The OTIS Sea Glass Collection by Russ Pope

The Collection was conceptualized by artist Russ Pope. For almost three decades Pope has developed an artistic style that explores the connection between art, skateboarding, music and the creative culture that surrounds it. His bold brushstrokes, thick fluid lines and bold use of color are a signature.

Russ hand selected each color in the Sea Glass Collection. "I've walked many a beach with my wife hunting for our favorite treasure sea glass," says Russ. "Both colors are regulars in my color palette and often find their way into my art. The frame styles, sea glass colors and mineral glass make these my favorites. Hope you dig em as much as I do."

To celebrate the release of the collection, Russ hand painted an original mural atop the packaging of the first hundred units. Each package comes away with a piece of the mural along with a limited cleaning cloth that features Russ' artwork. The hand painted packaging can only be found at premium OTIS dealers in the United States. See more of Russ’ process here.

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We only make premium eyewear with high quality, distortion free, mineral glass lenses. That's it. OTIS was established to provide a unique point of difference within the eyewear market: a premium product that transcends the boundaries between fashion and technical excellence. This includes the use of the world's best lens material – mineral glass – in every model we make. OTIS has its roots in surf culture, design, art, music, fashion and all that encompasses this lifestyle. We combine this heritage with our overriding philosophy of providing a product of unequalled quality. For more information on OTIS Eyewear visit


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