Skate Streetstyle podium: Ryan Sheckler places first, followed by Curren Caples and David Gravette. Photo: Ortiz


PRESS RELEASE: San Francisco – Oct 13, 2013 – The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships moved their skate and BMX competitions to Harrison St. today for the industry's most progressive downhill street contest.  Ryan Sheckler arrived in San Francisco with the goal of repeating his stellar 2012 performance at the Skate Streetstyle Final, a contest that brings true-to-life street features of jersey barriers, shipping containers and cars to a downhill street, and walked away with the Dew Cup.  His run included a backside 360, wallride off a car, tailslide across the pyramid rail, backside flip onto the flatbed truck, and backside lipslide.  He closed out the contest with a huge crowd-pleasing kickflip off the shipping container onto a car to end his victory lap. 

"I really enjoy this style and format of the contest," said Sheckler.  He reflected on the top-level talent competing, including second place finisher and Dew Tour newcomer Curren Caples and David Gravette, who rounded out the podium.  "The course is so fun to skate and everyone uses their imagination to figure out what they want to do.  I have a blast doing this contest.  I would love to see more of these."

Following the skate contest, BMX riders took to the downhill course, repurposing the features for their own style of creativity. Chad Kerley continued his weekend of strong street riding with a run that gave him the high score of the competition. He tore through the course, beginning with a 540 and continuing with a barspin manual, feeble hard 180 and a nose manual across the top of the brick pyramid to barspin out – a trick that awed crowd and competitors alike.

"This course is so fun and so gnarly," said Kerley.  "You're sweating it at the top, thinking you have to make it to the bottom, but I really enjoy this.  It's raw street, it's real and I love it."

Civic Center Plaza continued to be packed throughout the day with fans enjoying the interactive Dew Tour Experience and Dew Tour Community Day, which included open access to the professional street course.  All attention turned to the massive ramp to dirt landing in front of City Hall for the FMX Triple Threat Final.  Adam Jones returned to compete at the event's second consecutive year at the Toyota City Championships, repeating his first place finish.  He landed a no-handed Shaolin to McMetz to no-hander lander, a whip and a double grab backflip. 

"It feels great to win it again," said Jones.  "I knew coming in I had a good chance, because I work really hard on my upright tricks. I couldn't get a good whip thrown, but I did the best I could for my second trick and luckily my other two were big enough to counter that and pull in a win."

The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships Highlight Show will air on NBC Sports Network on Monday, October 21 at 11pm ET.

Ryan Sheckler – Streetstyle – Kickflip off Shipping Container:


Dew Tour Toyota City Championships

San Francisco

October 11-13, 2013


Skate Streetstyle Final Results

1. Ryan Sheckler, San Clemente, Calif., 90.00.  2. Curren Caples, Ventura, Calif., 89.75  3. David Gravette, Portland, Ore., 88.00.  4. Ryan Decenzo, Canada, 86.00.  5. Alec Majerus, Rochester, Minn., 85.50.  6. Greg Lutzka, Milwaukee, Wisc., 78.50. 7. Dave Bachinsky, St. Louis, Mo., 77.00.  8. Adam Dyet, Salt Lake City, Utah, 70.25.  9. Zered Bassett, Chatham, Mass., 69.75.  10. Raven Tershy, Santa Cruz, Calif., 67.50.  11.  Taylor Bingaman, Cameron Park, Calif., 67.25.  12. Garrett Hill, Santa Monica, Calif., 59.25.  13. Omar Salazar, Sacramento, Calif., 56.25. 


BMX Streetstyle Final Results

1. Chad Kerley, San Diego, Calif., 87.00.  2. Tyler Morrow, West Palm Beach, Fl., 86.00.  3. Scotty Cranmer, Jackson, NJ, 85.75.  4. Drew Bezanson, Canada, 83.50.  5. Garrett Reynolds, Toms River, NJ, 83.00.  6. Van Homan, Pennsville, NJ, 83.00. 7. Jeremiah Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio, 83.00.  8. Dan Lacey, Great Britain, 82.50.  9. Gary Young, San Diego, Calif., 82.50.  10. Corey Martinez, Nashville, Tenn., 82.50.  11. Trey Jones, Longwood, Fl., 81.75.  12. Tony Hamlin, Rochester, NY, 79.25.  13. Dakota Roche, Huntington Beach, Calif.,78.50.  14. Kevin Peraza, Tucson, Ariz., 78.00.  15. Josh Harrington, Greenville, NC, 75.25.  16. Morgan Wade, Tyler, Texas, 71.50.


FMX Final Results

1. Adam Jones, Minden, Nev., 89.60.  2. Todd Potter, Temecula, Calif., 88.80.  3. Takayuki Higashino, Japan, 88.67.  4. Nate Adams, Glendale, Ariz., 86.60.  5. Blake Williams, Australia, 85.07.  6. Mike Mason, Carson City, Nev., 84.00.  7. Lance Coury, West Hills, Calif., 83.40.  8. Jeremy Stenberg, Temecula, Calif., 82.33.  9. Clinton Moore, Australia, 79.40.  10. Kyle Loza, Orange County, Calif., 69.93.


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