The Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate has added Brad Gobdel to the family. Gobdel will take on the Rockies as the brand’s newest rep.

When Rome's head of sales Dan Sullivan reached out to shops in the Rockies, he "had not fewer than six phone calls in the first two days voicing that Brad would be the perfect fit for Rome."Three things made Brad the perfect choice for the SDS—he's a snowboarder; he knows snowboard product; and he likes the road.  Translation—Brad will bring a ton of face time in snowboard stores with someone who knows what the hell he is talking about.

June 27, 2012—The Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate is happy to welcome Brad Gobdel as the latest addition to the brand's rep force.  From the Jackson Tram to Kachina Peak, and from Loveland Pass to parks of Park City, the Rome SDS has a new face covering the land of silver bullets,  rainbow trees, deluxe smoke shacks and 3.2 beer—the Rockies.   

Brad's background in this life of riding snowboards runs deep.  Before repping for the last decade as a proven Rockies road warrior, Brad did a few years working in-house at a certain Colorado brand, and before that he worked retail at the Wright Life. 

Welcome, Brad.  We look forward to your involvement in the Syndicate.