The ROME SDS site is live — Time for That Feeling.

September 16th, 2016- With the snow just starting to fly at the higher elevations, the Rome site has dropped for the coming season. The new collection from the SDS is loaded with new designs, new shapes and new features to check out while you wait for your local resort to open.

This season we offer two Good Wood award winning boards leading our board collection. The BLUR is a new board model with a directional shape and new tech for blowing up full-mountain snowboarding at speed. Or if you'd rather ride park and hit street like Ozzy Henning or Toni Kerkelä, the new BUCKSHOT is a team-designed twin that pops and locks into tricks.

It's also a big binding year. We're introducing an all-new full spectrum binding; the D.O.D. Superlight and armed with unique highback flex design, the D.O.D. is quickly becoming the team favorite. Or if you're a rider like Ståle or Bjorn, check out the all-new Targa with its PowerChord highback, new adjustable strap and PivotMount Technology.

We've created a technical hoodie collection called the MT COLLECTION, with an overhauled fit and features of our signature Riding Hoodies. We've added a hooded baselayer piece with an integrated two-part facemask for mid-to-cold days.

We also teamed up with RK1 to create a signature collection that reflects our 12-month perspective on snowboarding. Stale has an upgraded Mod, Alek has a uniquely shaped positive cambered Agent, and Len went wild on the Gangplank. They also collaborated with us to create a few mitts and a hoodie.

If you need to get your fix of Rome team riders. Roll over to the Insight page of the Rome site to see RK1, Bjorn and Toni in the new Transworld video project, 'Insight'.

Lastly, % For Snowboarding returns for this season to support snowboard shops throughout North America.

When you buy something off the Rome site, part of your purchase goes to the snowboard shop of your choice. As the only company to do this, Rome created % For Snowboarding to support snowboard shops that support snowboarding.

See you on the hill!

Check it all out at

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