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“Goods for Life built for The Artifacts of Adventure”

Laguna Beach, Calif.  (May 2016)Roark Revival, the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) "Breakthrough Brand of the Year" and "Men's Marketing Campaign of the Year" award recipient for 2015, today announced the release of their collaboration with ourCaste, a collaboration amphibious short.

"We are proud to announce a friendly collaboration between the Roark Revival and ourCaste," says Ryan Hitzel, Roark's Founder and CEO. "They outfitted us with a co-designed pair of amphibious shorts built for land but at home in the water. A perfect garment for the steamy climate and waterway dotted terrain in Vietnam. The 4-way stretch and pocket complete with waterproof bladder make it a perfect short to fall off the boat in the Mekong. The "Outfitters" combine the performance technology of ourCaste with the rugged demand of Roark for a well styled garment."

Roark X ourCaste_Outfitters_Watterproff_Pouch

"It's been an amazing time collaborating with our friends at Roark on this multi-purpose boardshort.  It's utilitarian design and functional origins make it a timeless piece, as relevant in your travel arsenal now as it will be 5 years down the line.  Most of all, we're excited to show how much respect and synergy exists among like-minded brands in this industry."

– Co-Founder, Mike Quinones.

The "Outfitters" are the solution for those on the hunt. Built for land, but at home in the water, they thrive in the elements. The fusion of the Roark Revival detail and the ourCaste technical merit, the "Outfitters," feature comfort fabric, internal mesh pockets, a waterproof zipper with internal pullout bladder pocket and an 18" out seam. The Roark Revival x ourCaste "Outfitters" short retails for $72.00 and are available at, and other premium retail partners globally.

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About Roark

Roark is a return to bold adventurism through the eyes of an idealized figure. The brand follows Roark and his meandering travels; weaving his story into a timeless line of well-worn apparel, T-Shirts and trinkets. The collection is inspired by the images, people, textiles, thoughts and trinkets collected along the course of Roark's adventure. They are the artifacts of his experience. Roark is as comfortable at the Sydney Opera House as it is in an Argentinian holding cell and the products reflect that – basic, durable, timeless, and well coordinated. You never know where the artifacts of Roark's journey might appear. Fans of Roark can follow the story online, in zines distributed at its retailers each season, and through various Roark expressions. More information on the Roark Revival can be found on, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

About ourCaste

We're a family of modern adventurists, building well designed product with functionality at it's foundation, born from our adventures outdoors surfing, skating, and riding motorcycles. Every collection can be lived in daily, regardless of where life's adventures may take you. Have a deeper look at or on Instagram and Facebook.

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