Chad Kerley’s vitaminwater® Invitational went down on Saturday, May 12, 2012. Directly following the event, the coveted prize purse of $20,000 was handed out to eleven winners, encompassing the four obstacle finalists and overall rider of the day— all voted on by the riders.

Throughout the event, all kinds of next level tricks were landed and many firsts went down into the history books. The event was held at the legendary private BMX facility known as The Bakery in Chicago and was featured via live webcast on TransWorld Ride BMX‘s website.

Chad Kerley’s vitaminwater® Invitational was the first event of its kind and will most likely be known as the contest of the year. Here’s the list of winners:

Obstacle #1 (red and blue rails)
1. Garrett Reynolds $2,500 (two tricks: tooth hanger-to-180 and double peg-to-hard 180 double bar)
2. Alex Kennedy $1,500 (180 switch backwards crook-to-half cab crook)
3. Rob Wise $1,000 (180 backwards pegs-to-halfcab downside whip)

Obstacle #2 (pyramid ledge/green rail/box)
1. Garrett Reynolds $2,500 (barspin-to-ice-to-switch tailwhip)
2. Stevie Churchill $1,500 (540 off the a-frame)
3. Sean Sexton $1,000 (feeble-to-manual-to-feeble-to-downside whip)

Obstacle #3 (the island)
1. Garrett Reynolds $2,500 (two tricks: feeble-to-hard truck and 180 backwards double peg-to-nose bonk barspin)
2. Rob Wise $1,500 (hard 180-to-backwards rail)
3. Stevie Churchill $1,000 (720 off the ledge and 360 whip off the ledge)

Obstacle #4 (secret setup: rail hop)
Stevie Churchill $4,000 winner take all (720 over the rail hop)

Rider's Choice—Overall Rider of the Day
Garrett Reynolds $1,000

In addition, four Woodward Camp scholarships were given out throughout the competition for those who tweeted in questions to Chad Kerley.

From left: Stevie Churchill, Sean Sexton, Garrett Reynolds, Rob Wise, and Alex Kennedy. Photo: Zielinski

Special thanks to all the additional sponsors including Dan’s Comp, Premium Products, The Bakery, and Nike. For more coverage of the event go online to