Remedy Communications Chosen By Hearshot For Domio Helmet Speaker Kickstarter Launch


Remedy Communications will assist in supporting the innovative Domio helmet

SAN DIEGO (May 25, 2016) -- Hearshot Inc. has announced that they have selected San Diego's Remedy Communications  to assist with the lifestyle public relations support for the June Kickstarter launch of its innovative Domio  helmet audio product. Founded by ex-Google employee and dotcom entrepreneur, Bart Lipski, and former management consultant and engineer, Sebastian Koper, Domio will allow any helmet wearer to wirelessly stream their music, earbud-free, from their phone to their helmet. Domio represents a groundbreaking design shift for outdoor and action sports participants who want to listen to music while wearing head protection, keeping their ears open and clear from unnecessary obstructions in the process.

The Remedy team supporting Domio's pending Kickstarter launch has a proven record of success in working with outdoor and action sports brands, as well as with the media introduction of innovative consumer technology products. Remedy media specialists have been integral parts of editorial and influencer campaigns for products that included the early introductions of web-connected refrigerators, worldwide leaders in portable audio devices, in addition to both globally known and upstart lifestyle brands coming from the action sports and outdoor industries.

"Domio's launch merges two worlds our team is well versed in. Going back to the late 90's, we have decades of experience helping action sports brands expand their editorial exposure in their mainstream media, along with a strong body of work supporting consumer technology brands seeking coverage through lifestyle and tastemaker media channels," commented Bill Byrne, co-director at Remedy Communications.

Domio works by leveraging micro-vibration technology to deliver an unprecedented and immersive surround sound audio experience for helmet wearers. By using special components and technologies that allow sound to be transmitted directly to the helmet, Domio eliminates the need for earbuds, chip inserts, or over-the-ear pads that add weight and bulk. Wireless and immersive, Domio provides an unprecedented audio experience for anyone who wears a helmet while engaging in action sports and similar activities.

While media representatives will be among the first to see Domio in action, demo units will be available for consumers to preview during the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, CO, taking place June 9-12.

About Hearshot Inc.

Hearshot Inc. is a new, cutting-edge company singularly focused on introducing innovative products that are at the intersection of technology and action/outdoor sports. Hearshot leverages the latest in wireless and audio technology to bring a new level of connectivity to action and outdoor sports. Domio, their introductory product, will launch via Kickstarter June 9, 2016. More information can be found online here.