Reliance\'s Brian Sumner

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – (JULY 31ST, 2008) – Reliance Skateboards is pleased to announce its newsest pro Brian Sumner. The Reliance team includes Josh Kasper, Elijah Moore, Luke Braddock Richard Jefferson and Ams Dave Voetberg, John Kight and Deezle.

Sumner commented on his decision to move to Reliance saying;
“Skating, as it is, has always been the same to me, something that was between myself, a piece of wood and the terrain around. The goal though, has changed. Everything I did before was like most things in my life, vain. Revolving around temporal purposes, that are only fun for a season and based on another persons approval in some way. The companies I have skated for and the things we can accomplish will pass. People perish for lack of vision, and once the vision became clear things started making sense. My life has been so amazing these past few years for one reason and one reason alone. There is one purpose in mind, and being at Reliance I can honor that..† Reliance has been around for years traveling all over the world, skating even where there isn’t any skating. The skateboarding isn’t about numbers and amounts, making others look bad or being two steps ahead, it’s about people and purpose! ‘All things were created by Him for Him.’ You sold out for him?”

Reliance as a company has always made it their priority to represent on a different level than most in the industry and Sumner is an embodiment of that representation.  Companies have been representing all kinds of different lifestyles, ideas, and viewpoints for years, Reliance is just here to throw a different option out there for those who know they need more, and Brian is a living example of that.

“Reliance has been around for 5 years and we are excited with the direction of the brand and the team. We are stoked to welcome Brian into the family,” said Reliance Skateboards Executive Director, Darren “pops” Wells. “We’ve been psyched watching Brian grow over these last few years and are pumped to have him on the team and support him in skating and all aspects of his life.”