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After a successful first year of working together, Red Bull Media House has signed Sal Masekela on for a new multi-year partnership. Masekela will not only continue his role as the face of action sports for Red Bull Media, but also take on producing responsibilities along with developing new content for RBMH.

“This past year working with Red Bull Media House has been an incredible global adventure and far too much fun. I’m looking forward to our continued partnership with an eye to presenting a truly spectacular platform of action sports events coupled with innovative storytelling. I feel lucky, at this point in my career to be a part of this groundbreaking team.” said Sal Masekela.

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Santa Monica, CA (December 3, 2012) - Red Bull Media House (RBMH) has signed Sal Masekela to a multi-year extension to be the voice of a diverse set of global sports properties and US television programs produced by the company. After a successful first year during which Masekela hosted 35 hours of the most progressive and innovative action sports for the Red Bull Signature Series on NBC Sports, he will continue to be the definitive face of the property.

Masekela will be enhancing his role within the entertainment brand by taking on producing responsibilities and developing original content for RBMH. Masekela will not only continue to be the face of action sports, but will also play a key role across Red Bull Media House's other high profile properties. RBMH and Masekela's UX Entertainment Group will continue to collaborate on projects such as the successful web series, “Travelin' Sal: Come Ride With Me.”

"Sal is the authority in action sports," said Werner Brell, Managing Director, Red Bull Media House North America. "He carries a definitive voice of authenticity through his storytelling that cuts across all media channels. We are excited to continue the partnership with Sal, further bolstering our position in bringing the best action sports events to life with the Red Bull Signature Series on NBC and providing us with the opportunity to launch additional formats with Sal around action sports, music and entertainment. All this grows our portfolio of programming for 2013 onwards."

Additionally, RBMH will work hand-in-hand with Masekela to support his music endeavors, most specifically with his band, "Alekesam." Sal, whose father Hugh Masekela is a South African jazz icon, will utilize Red Bull Studios to record original music, which further expands the relationship between Masekela and RBMH. This partnership will enable a collaborative effort to maximize the power of both brands, not only in content creation, but in distribution as well. As a company, RBMH leads the industry in distributing content by fusing together traditional, digital, and mobile platforms, creating a unique and innovative consumption experience. For more information, go to

Masekela has a rich history in the sports and entertainment world, hosting E!’s The Daily 10 for more than four years, and being the face of the Summer & Winter X Games for the past 13 years. Masekela is represented by ROAR, CAA and Darren Trattner Esq.