Recon, Contour Release In-Goggle Camera Display Technology

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Recon and Contour partner up to bring the latest in action sports photo and video technology.

Recon Instruments, known for its in-goggle heads up display or Micro Optics Display (MOD), is releasing a new technology called the Camera Connectivity application, which allows riders to see what their camera is recording on a screen inside their goggles.  Recon is partnering with Contour, to roll out this futuristic tech.

"The Camera Connectivity app transforms our display into a view finder, allowing skiers and riders to setup shots without taking off their goggles or gloves," said Darcy Hughes, chief marketing officer Recon Instruments. "We are thrilled to be launching with Contour and their Bluetooth enabled, high definition video cameras. We are equally excited to confirm the MOD Live will be compatible with iPhone 4s and beyond in time for winter 2012/2013."

MOD Live provides riders with a variety of instant information, like speed, location, jump analytics, temperature, altitude and more.  And, fortunately for iPhone users, the company is also excited to confirm MOD Live compatibility with iPhone 4s and above versions, in time for the 2012/2013 snow season.

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For those attending the SIA in Denver Snow Show in Denver, be sure to check out the Demo Camera Connectivity app at booth #423.

To check out more info on the latest and greatest in technology from Recon and Contour, read below:

VANCOUVER - January 26, 2012 - The new Camera Connectivity app is compatible with the Contour+ and ContourGPS hands-free HD cameras, using the cameras' built-in Bluetooth capabilities and turns the MOD Live's virtual 14 inch display into a viewfinder to showcase what the camera sees. The app will also allow users to start/stop recording and adjust camera settings in real-time, as well as monitor remaining battery life and available memory.

"Contour is excited to partner with Recon Instruments, expanding our connectivity offerings," said Contour CEO, Marc Barros. "Building an ecosystem of compatible products such as MOD Live, makes it even easier for people to capture and share their epic moments which aligns with what we're all about!"

The MOD Live currently ships with several industry first applications including: Jump, Buddy Tracking, Smartphone Connectivity, a Navigation app pre-loaded with the largest database of trail maps in the world, and Music Playlist Mode.

The official Contour Camera Connectivity app is available for download in coming weeks from

The Recon Instruments MOD Live is available for $399.99 at, and the Contour GPS and Contour+ hands-free HD cameras are available at for $299.99 and $499.99 respectively.

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