Raven Tershy. Photo: Chami

Scroll through the gallery for all of this month's print and social Skate Exposure-Meter standings, as well as overall social stats across all sports with the Hookit Athlete Index:



Crail Continues To Tap The Print Medium

The top ten overall list is still dominated by the Crailtap camp, with 8 of the 10 spots owned by Girl and Chocolate riders (if you want to get technical, Wes skates for Royal and Ishod is on Fourstar, so that makes 10/10).


Alex Olson surrendered the coveted #1 spot to teammate Raven Tershy, and Sean Malto crept up from 12th place to 2nd. Guy Mariano's The Skateboard Mag interview bumped him from 8th to 3rd.


It will be interesting to see what the rest of the year has in store, but for now let's take a closer look at the breakdown for February…



Olson Owns It

Alex Olson maintains his #1 spot form last month (having two interviews tends to do that). But it's Ishod Wair who is this month's big editorial success story. With a The Skateboard Mag cover and interview, Wair leapt up into the top 50, all the way to 2nd place.  Likewise, San Diego's own Wes Kremer made a similar debut on the list jumping all the way to 6th place with a bonkers interview in Skateboarder.



Malto Making Moves

It's been a tumultuous month for the advertising rankings. January's frontrunner Danny Way was bumped down to tenth place to make room for a bevy of heavies. Sean Malto emerges as the new frontrunner, thanks mostly to heavy ad placement by Nike, Fourstar, and Eastern. Trailing close behind is Raven Tershy, who owes his placement to, well, Pretty Sweet. Lizard King had some Kr3w ads, Erik Ellington had Deathwish and Kr3w ads, Ben Raemers has the Volcom ad placement, and Ben Raybourn had an impressive Bones ad.  But the standout this month is Sean Conover, who had ads for three of his sponsors: Dakine, OJ Wheels, and Independent. He ended up with close to 3,000 points for his efforts. Way to go Sean!


Colen Closes The Deal

I think we knew going into February that nobody was going to usurp Crailtap's Ben Colen. Not right away, at least. He started off the year with a 19,000-point lead over the number-two position. But February turned out t be a hot month for Atiba Jefferson (January's #2) and Sam Muller (January's #3). They both made some impressive strides of their own, shortening the gap between them and the frontrunner. With a Dickies tour article, Guy Mariano and Ishod Wair interviews, and even some Pretty Sweet coverage of his own, Atiba now sits a mere 2,000 points away from first place.



Nike & Independent Take Over

Nothing gold can stay, of course, so this month Lakai loses its first-place ranking to a tie between Independent and Nike. As popular as Lakai's shoes are, and as recognizable as the Lakai logo is, the Indepenent cross is, and has been, everywhere in skateboarding. Same goes for the iconic Nike swoosh.

All Sports


Sheckler Podiums, Shawn White Plummets


Ryan Sheckler had a huge month online, racking up over 532k interactions in February, enough to move him into third for the year. P-Rod and Nyjah also scored big, both logging 438k, and this trio moved past last month's bronze-finisher, Shaun White, bumping him back to 6th for the year.


James Stewart moved up one into 8th and Ken Block joined the leader board in 9th after posting the month's 4th highest total with 446k. This was enough to bump John John and Sean Malto out of the standings through February but we're pretty sure we haven't seen the last of them.



Hawk Dominates, Biebel Breaks In


February's social media Athlete Index saw a repeat performance at the top of the pack with Hawk, Dyrdek, Sheckler, P-Rod, and Nyjah holding down their lock on the top five. But the second handful of the leader board got interesting.


Mikey Taylor posted a big month, racking up nearly 200k interactions, with over 130k coming from his Insta-ccount, enough to bump him up a spot into 6th through February. Brandon Biebel had enough juice to make his debut in the top ten at 8th and force Guy Mariano off the leader board and back into 11th.