Bethany Hamilton’s mother Cheri Hamilton will have a free admission book signing at the California Surf Museum at 312 Pier View Way in Oceanside on July 7th 2012 from 2 till 4 pm to present her new book “Raising A Soul Surfer.” Purchase a copy here at Amazon.

They say Bethany Hamilton has salt water in her veins. How else could one explain the passion that drives her to surf? Or that nothing—not even the loss of her arm—could come between her and the waves? "When can I surf again?" was the first thing Bethany asked after her emergency surgery, leaving no doubt that her spirit and determination were part of a greater story—a tale of personal empowerment and spiritual grit that shows the body is no more essential to surfing, perhaps even less so, than the soul.

After losing her left arm by a shark attack, Bethany Hamilton was asked in an interview what she would do if given the chance to undo the loss of her arm. Bethany replied that she would still lose it because she can embrace more people now than she ever could with both. She has become a source of inspiration to millions.

Here’s more from the book excerpt:

Bethany Hamilton's incredible story of surviving and thriving in the wake of a shark attack, told in her best-selling autobiography Soul Surfer, has sold more than 1.5 million copies. Yet her family's adventures started long before Bethany lost her arm and became a pro surfer. Now Cheri Hamilton, Bethany's mom, tells the inspiring story of the Hamilton Family.
“Raising a Soul Surfer” invites readers to journey with the Hamiltons to the lush islands of Hawaii, to experience a worldwide news event, Bethany's shark attack, from her parents' point of view. Witness the many small steps of faith and how God stepped in and gave them a higher purpose.