Quiksilver’s Todd Richards on The Sessions @ SIA

Earlier this year, during The Sessions @ SIA, snowboarding vet, former professional rider, and Quiksilver ambassador Todd Richards caught us up on where he sees the industry headed.

“Any sport that started off with an edge like snowboarding did—because it’s hard, it’s not easy to do—and now your grandmother can do it. It really dulls the edge on things, doesn’t it? It’s not as cool. But there’s still a lot of people who are pushing it in the right direction; there’s still that core element.”

He also outlines what’s new for the brand for 2016, in terms of product and the general philosophy behind Quiksilver’s snow program moving forward.

Sessions-Todd-Richards-Quiksilver“We are trying to make sure that everyone knows that Quiksilver has been here for a lot longer than anyone else at this show,” he says. “A lot of people think Quik is trying to penetrate snow; Quik has been there since day one. That’ the big story. We’re coming up on 30 years in the snow industry. Chris Roach rode for Quiksilver.”

Richards also delves into his thoughts on how the industry has changed over the years, with one of the most significant and impactful changes being social media. Although it does take away a factor of surprise, he admits that it plays a role for brands in helping increase awareness. But at the end of the day, nothing replaces face-to-face interaction, he argues.

“The more important thing is that everyone comes together with a group consciousness and creates ideas that will go on to be the future of the sport for the next few years,” says Richards. “Around here right now you see a lot of these powder surfing shapes, and that came from one person doing that one year here at the tradeshow, and every year companies take that idea and make it better and better, until we have a perfect product. I think that’s really what, for me, SIA is—a melting pot of a bunch of really smart people with great ideas.”

Editors Note: The Sessions @ SIA is a video series produced by TransWorld Business in collaboration with SIA Snow Show, featuring some of the most influential snowboarding brands, executives, and athletes. Stay tuned to TransWorld Business as the next videos in the series roll out, including Zeal, Evo, Jones Snowboards, Burton, and Capita, to name just a few.


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