Left: Cyan Boardshort MSRP - $65.00 Right: Sangre Boardshort MSRP: $69.50



Matt Anderson, Senior Vice President of Quiksilver Design, gave us the word on what retailers and consumers alike can expect from the brand’s Summer ’13 boardshort line. Read on for the all the details.

Quiksilver's Matt Anderson on the Summer '13 boardshort line.

What features are you adding/upgrading for your '13 boardshorts?

For 2013 we have updated our four-way stretch Diamond Dobby fabric with "certified traceable" recycled polyester yarn. The fabric features all of the no rash benefits of Diamond Dobby, with the enhanced flexibility of four-way stretch. Hands down the best fabric for surfing.

What inspired these changes?

Protect our playgrounds, the mountains and the waves. Using recycled polyester helps to decrease the use of crude petroleum by 75 percent compared to virgin fibers, creates less air, water, and soil pollution and reduces generated waste.

How do you breakdown the categories in your boardshort line? Has this changed at all?

We present our boardshort line by fabrication: four-way Diamond Dobby, Diamond Dobby DLX, four-way stretch and non-stretch. This has not changed.

Are you seeing major growth in the demand for hybrid boardshorts?

We continue to see very strong sales of our Amphibians.

On the technical end, what innovations are you bringing to market and what makes these stand out?

Four-way stretch Diamond Dobby. No fabric on the market can match it.

Are your prices trending up, down, or staying flat?

Prices are trending flat.

What color stories are you going to be hitting on?

Classic with some flash is our color story for Summer ’13.

Where did you find your inspiration for next year's line?

We drew from our rich brand heritage, iconic brand style and our athletes to inspire 2013 designs.

What's the latest for waistbands, closures, hem lengths and design pattern lines?

New fly construction that eliminates excess fabric and weight. The slimmed down fly creates a more comfortable boardshort for those long sessions.

If you had to pick two boardies from the '13 line to bring on your next surf trip, which would they be and why?

Again, the four-way stretch Diamond Dobby.

What shorts did best for you last season at retail and how are you carrying over those influences?

Our athlete signature styles for Kelly and Dane continue to be great performers.

Which upcoming '13 SKUs do you predict you'll answer for the last question at this time next year?

Kelly and Dane signature boardshorts.

What features/styles/colors didn't do so well and are being axed based on retailer feedback?


Will there be any changes in delivery dates?

There will not be any changes.