PRSNT Performance Launches their first Womens Snowboard and Ski Self Development Camp in the US


PRSNT PERFORMANCE Retreat Connects Female Snowboard and Ski Enthusiasts at Loveland Ski Area, CO.

April 8th, 2016 - Loveland Ski Area, Colorado-- PRSNT PERFORMANCE, founded by professional snowboarders Kjersti Buaas and Chanelle Sladics announces the launch of their first camp in the US. This camp will encompass nutrition, yoga, and meditation with on-hill adventures complemented by an avalanche awareness workshop. This weekend will be a massive opportunity to embrace a digital disconnect and reconnect without the noise of technology.

"We are excited to add some new elements to the experience and extend it to a full weekend offering. As more enthusiasts continue to be inspired to adventure into the mountains, we feel it is really important to learn about avalanche awareness and we want to empower our campers with this knowledge, says Chanelle Sladics, Co-Founder of PRSNT. I also look forward to opportunities to put my technology away as a group, rest my eyes from the screens and my mind from the noise to reconnect."

The weekend will have special guests from snowboard legend Tara Dakides testing campers antioxidant levels and teaching them about having a strong defense system. "As we all know, great health takes time, effort and knowledge and not everyone has that dedication. Chanelle and Kjersti have very busy lives, but they dedicate every lifestyle choice to living and eating well and educating others on how to get started the right way," says Tara. Followed by Olympian skier Keri Herman's essential oils workshop. The weekend will be completed by nutritious vegan masterpieces, prepared by Rachel Turiel, an ex-professional snowboarder and now a holistic private chef.

"Your body is always present, it's the mind who wanders and gets lost. We want to get women of all ages and levels together to do yoga, snowboard, ski, meditate, learn about health and nutrition, while practicing awareness of the #PRSNT moment. Being professional athletes has thought us that it is in this state that we perform our best. We want to help facilitate an environment that will stimulate the participants to get to this special place, because we know how powerful it is! We believe that whether it is on the mountain, at work or in anything you are passionate about, this state of mind is the key to performing to your fullest potential. For us the goal is for the campers to go home with tools that they didn't have prior to the camp and to know how to utilize these in their daily life,” says four time Olympian and co-founder of camp, Kjersti Buaas.

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PRSNT was founded two by professional snowboarders and health advocates Kjersti Buaas and Chanelle Sladics. Kjersti is a four time Olympian and Olympic bronze medalist. Chanelle is a XGames medalist and certified yoga instructor. Both are certified wilderness first responders and permaculture designers.

Intertwining yin & yang activities promotes balance, health and happiness. Through healthy living workshops, environmental education and outdoor adventures, PRSNT aims to accelerate personal growth in a fun group setting. Activities include, but are not limited to: snowboarding, splitboarding, hiking, surfing, yoga, SUP, slack-lining, rock climbing, nutrition workshops, raw cooking classes, meditation and goal setting coupled with campfire vibes and positivity.

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