Pro Skateboard Legend Pat Duffy signs with AirSpeed Footwear

PRESS RELEASE – Topeka, KS USA 14th July, 2014—In California Inc., owner of the AirSpeed Footwear Brand, is proud to announce the signing of pro skateboard legend Pat Duffy to the AirSpeed Footwear Pro team.

About In California Inc. (iCi). iCi was founded in 2002 by the legendary Bill Mann. Bill was the founder of the AirWalk brand, where he signed a young Tony Hawk to his first footwear endorsement contract, amongst many other achievements. After his departure from AirWalk and a brief stint with Van's, Bill founded iCi and started the AirSpeed brand in his quest to bring Branded Quality Shoes to the Masses. Throughout the years, AirSpeed has partnered with other notable Professional Skateboarders such as Mike McGill, Kristian Svitak, Brian Sumner and many others to endorse its' products. The signing of Pat Duffy marks the latest Pro who has endorsed the Value proposition of the brand and will take AirSpeed beyond the current 25,000,000 USA consumers who have purchased a pair of AirSpeed kicks. AirSpeed is distributed online and thru Wal-Mart Stores nationwide.

About Pat Duffy. Pat Duffy is a professional skateboarder originally from San Francisco, California now residing in Vista, California. Listed as the #13 Most Influential Skater of All Time by 'TransWorld SKATEboarding' magazine (Jan. 2012). Pat hit the Skateboard scene Big with his Breakout Part in the epic Skate Video 'Questionable' in 1992. Pat was the original Trailblazer in grinding handrails. He will be featured in an upcoming Plan B video to be released Fall 2014. He is featured in the Video Games Skate, Skate 2 and Skate 3 for the PlayStation console. He has appeared in over 24 skateboarding video's and appeared on MTV on an episode of the series 'Scarred'.

Pat will be featured in Transworld SKATEboarding magazine ads beginning October, 2014. Look for Pat Duffy pro model shoes to debut Fall 2015 at select retailers and online.

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In California Inc. is a leading footwear provider in the Action Sports Footwear Market. The Brand, AirSpeed, is distributed online and thru Wal-Mart Stores throughout the United States. In California Inc. has distributed over 25,000,000 pairs of AirSpeed Skate Footwear since its' founding in 2002. For additional information, contact at; [email protected]


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