Official Press Release-EAST LONGMEADOW,MA November 18, 2008

Say hello to POM POM®! POM POM is super-psyched to announce the addition of it’s totally awesome ALL NATURAL, 100% petro-chemical FREE surf wax to the POM POM product line-up! POM POM is the first and only multi-sport wax and accessories company for girls in the universe and is extra-proud to be an eco-friendly brand. POM POM hearts earth and creates products that not only perform, but look and smell awesome and are less impactful on the environment than other petroleum based waxes. Founder, Sarah Cameron, stated, “POM POM cares about our future and there’s no better way to represent that than with our first and youngest member of the surf team, Dax McGill.”  When asked what she likes best about POM POM, Dax said, ” I love that it’s 100% natural and doesn’t pollute!” Together, POM POM and Dax will spread the POM POM philosophy that empowers, motivates and inspires girls. For more info, visit the ever-awesome