Created out of Portland, Oregon, Poler is a brand that was born to fill a unique niche within the market. Founder and photographer Benji Wagner, who sat down with the crew of The Break at Agenda Long Beach, explains that the idea for Poler started after a camping trip with friends, when he realized that most people he knew loved the outdoors and wanted product they resonated with, which at the time didn’t seem to exist.

“Our whole idea is bringing together the outdoor and action sports worlds for the first time; having a really authentic connection to action sports, but bringing in outdoor equipment, and speaking to that world the way no one else has done, ” says Wagner. “We look at ourselves more like a Nixon than anyone else, because our product is different. It’s going to shops and saying, ‘hey, this is stuff that people in this world are into and use but they’re not used to buying it from you, and so this is a chance to have a new category.'”

Wagner also unveils a women’s poncho, which is part of the brand’s new outerwear collection, which it launched earlier this year. Over the last couple of years, Poler has been building its product collections and will now dive into several other categories, with recent collaborations with Smith and Nike.

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