Outside Magazine ranked Boa Technology the fourth "Best Places to Work" on their annual 50-company list coming out in the September issue. Boa Technology innovated the award-winning Boa Closure System.

Boa named 2011, 4th Best Place to Work According to Outside Magazine

Boa named 2011, 4th Best Place to Work According to Outside Magazine

Boa started in 1998 as a grassroots snowboarding company in a cramped office in Steamboat Springs, CO. Today, Boa-now located in Denver, CO-produces the world's best product closure systems, and is home to over 50—apparently—happy employees. Boa Founder, Gary Hammerslag, prides on employee wellness. Among a few pluses with landing a job at Boa include: lunchtime fitness and nutrition workshops, volunteer activities, awesome benefits and bonuses that can be used for a fitness-pursuant goal, and a dog-friendly atmosphere.

Hammerslag gives a peek into his recipe for maintaining some of the happiest employees out there:

"Since day one we wanted Boa to be a different kind of company. From our experience, you build great companies around great people.  We believe in cultivating an employee culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance allowing employees to exercise daily, have fun and think out loud.  I think this philosophy is just one of the many reasons we have so much positive engagement and exceptional productivity from our team. Outside editors and experts recognizing us on this list of Best Places to Work 2011 really exemplifies everything we try to achieve here on a daily basis."

Outside's "Best Places to Work" list showcases amazing companies that believe in the beauty of a happy and engaged employee.

About Boa Technology
With offices in Steamboat Springs and Denver, Colorado, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Japan, Boa Technology Inc., is the creator of the award-winning, patented Boa Closure System. The revolutionary Boa® Closure System, backed by the Dialed In For Life Guarantee, optimizes product design and enables a more "dialed in fit". The ultimate result is superior performance and a level of customizable comfort never before experienced in the sports and medical industry. Visit Boatechnology.com for more information.

About Outside's "Best Places to Work" List

Outside's "Best Places to Work" project celebrates innovative companies setting a new standard for a healthy work-life balance.  The year-long selection process began with an outreach effort that identified a wide range of non-profit and for-profit organizations with at least 15 employees working in the United States.  All of the results were analyzed by experts, who selected the 50 companies that strive to enhance their employees' enjoyment of active endeavors, and environmental and social involvement.

"These 50 companies are successful precisely because they support a proper work-life balance," says Michael Roberts, Executive Editor of Outside. "Happy workers that feel part of an active community are guaranteed to be more engaged and productive. And the companies on our list are offering amazing benefits: organic cafeterias, on-site fitness classes, reimbursements for gym memberships and ski passes, opportunities for on-the-clock community service, and much more."