Fountain Valley, California-based ONE Distribution has brought a new member onto the team, appointing Vaughan Baker as European Skate Marketing Coordinator.

Vaughan Baker

Vaughan Baker

“It’s difficult to find someone in this industry with the blend of professional qualities and skateboarding experience that Vaughan possesses,” said ONE Distribution CEO, Scott Bailey. “We’re very fortunate to have him developing our European skate division.”

Vaughan’s friend and General Manager of ONE Distribution UK, Ben Bodilly Childs, provided a short list of Vaughan Baker facts to illustrate why Vaughan is so uniquely qualified for the position:

Vaughan is from Worcester, where Worcestershire Sauce is made. He has a tattoo of a bottle of Worcestershire Sauce on his leg.
Vaughan has a pug named Baby Death.
Vaughan had a SLAP cover.
Vaughan spells his name with two As, contrary to what has been written on KR3W and SUPRA websites in the past. [Our apologies. The copywriter is being flogged in our London-style dungeon, which we’ve aptly named The ONE-geon Dungeon. -Ed.]
Vaughan had the first signature shoe for anyone outside of the US on [rival shoe manufacturer name CENSORED].
Vaughan is named after Baker Street, which is where Sherlock Holmes lived.
Vaughan beat Lizard King at a game of noughts-and-crosses (tic-tac-toe to you) on last year’s European KR3W tour. The loser had to get the other person’s name tattooed onto them. Vaughan won.
This is the space in a press release traditionally dedicated to a quote from the subject in which he shares his excitement in regards to the prospect of working for the company that’s authoring the press release. We wrote Ben and asked him if he could acquire a quote from Vaughan.

“Can we get a quote from Vaughan for the press release, please?” we wrote. “If you need to coach him, it’s usually something like, 'I’m very excited to be working with KR3W and SUPRA. I’ve been a fan of the brands since I was a wee li’l lad cleaning chimneys in London with David Copperfield.’ Or something of that nature.”

“He actually likes your David Copperfield quote,” Ben replied, “if you want to run with that one.”

“I’m very excited to be working with KR3W and SUPRA,” Vaughan Baker said. “I’ve been a fan of the brands since I was a wee li’l lad cleaning chimneys in London with David Copperfield.”