Nyjah Huston Remains Undefeated In Toughest Competition To Date


On Sunday June 9th, 2013, at the SLS Nike SB World Tour‘s first stop of the year in Kansas City, everything came together perfectly: the crowd was hyped; the world’s most elite skaters stepped up; the course was bananas; the webcast was the best of any live event; and the new SLS On Demand feature dropped, offering instant replays of every trick, every run, everything, at www.streetleague.com/ondemand.

Fans experienced the venue's incredible transformation from a world-class arena to an authentic urban landscape complete with concrete skate plaza and challenging course designs. The event featured 18 of the world's top pros battling for $100,000, and a golden ticket into the SLS Super Crown World Championship in Newark, NJ. For a look at the Kansas City course – http://streetleague.com/archives/the-masterpiece-building-the-kc-course/

The results are in and it's no surprise Nyjah Huston took 1st place in front of a packed crowd, continuing his undefeated winning streak for 2013. The competition was an intense back-and-forth between Nyjah Huston and second place finisher Chris Cole. Coming in third, the legendary Paul Rodriguez Jr., put on an insane performance in the Impact section.

With an all-time display of 9 Club tricks, this was a banger of a contest:

After a doozy of a Prelim, the Final 8 set it off in the Flow Section. Dylan Rieder, skating his first SLS Final, skated flawlessly, with a Smith grind up the rail along the hip, a clean backside lipslide down the kinked rail, and serious pop on his nollie flips.

In the Flow Section, Cole definitely had the most flow, including a switch frontside 360 kickflip to ice the cake on his second run. Chris Cole continued to make the most difficult tricks look too easy. He went and dropped a 9.1 with a stunning frontside bluntslide to kickflip out on the handrail. 

The KC course’s design seemed geared toward technical skaters, but in the Control Section, an interesting mix of power and tech skating began to emerge, and 9 Club scores started poppin’ off. P-Rod started it off with a switch flip to backside tailslide down the kinked rail for a very high score of 9.4.

Not to be outdone, along came Nyjah with a nollie heelflip frontside noseslide down the same rail for a 9.0. 

Coming into the Impact Section, the top four skaters were separated by only a few points. It was tech versus big, blow for blow, as the lead changed hands until the very end. 

P-Rod again stood out with a switch backside tailslide to bigspin out.

Chris Cole was still making it all look too easy as he again increased the difficulty of his tricks. Mixing in his tech finesse, Cole got a 9.5 for a half-Cab noseflide to nollie 270 heelflip out on the Hubba. 

Then there was Nyjah. While some got tech, he just went bigger and bigger, and so did his scores. After outskating everyone in the Impact Section, and with first place in his pocket, Nyjah topped it off with a victory-lap trick for the crowd, gapping the rail to backside noseblunt for 9.8!

Nyjah is looking more and more unbeatable this year, as he’s now three-for-three on the 2013 Nike SB World Tour. Nyjah’s Average Scored Trick (AST) in the Impact Section was 9.2. The kid averages a score most guys in SLS have never even achieved once. In fact, you could argue that Nyjah is skating at a level never before seen in the history of skateboarding

Closing out the second round, hometown hero Sean Malto was expected to qualify into the finals but an unfortunate incident left his trucks flying off his board and Malto out of the competition.

Finalists include: Tom Asta, Mikey Taylor, Paul Rodriguez, Luan Oliveira, Nyjah Huston, Chris Cole, Dylan Rieder, Sean Malt

As the first domestic stop of the SLS Nike SB World Tour, the heat was on between each of the participating skaters. They continue to elevate the live skateboard experience in the arena and push their athletic abilities to prepare themselves for the next stops – Munich (July 14), Portland (July 14), Los Angeles (Aug 1), and the World Championships in Newark (Aug 25).


For more information on Street League Skateboarding Nike SB World Tour, visit: http://streetleague.com

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