Nyjah Huston on New Asphalt Yacht Club Collection

Nyjah Huston. Photo: Josh Vargo

Nyjah Huston On New Asphalt Yacht Club Collection

After sweeping the Street League Skateboarding series this year, and taking home the Super Crown World Champion title last weekend in New Jersey, pro skater Nyjah Huston‘s life probably couldn’t get much better at the moment. While he’s having a stellar year on the contest side, Nyjah is also branching out into new territory when it comes to the brands he’s partnered with, releasing a new signature apparel collection today with Asphalt Yacht Club (AYC). This is the first apparel line Nyjah has worked on, and he said the process was a fairly seamless one, collaborating closely with AYC’s design team to develop pieces that reflect his own vibe balanced with what he sees as trending at the moment.

We caught up with Nyjah to ask him a few questions about what his AYC signature collection will look like, what sparked his design inspiration, and what’s next.

What does the new signature collection include?

It’s 12 different styles. Tees, baseball tees, and hats.

What was the inspiration behind launching this new collection, and how long has it been in the design/development process?

For the inspiration, I just worked with AYC designer Peter Huynh and showed him a few things I was into. We mixed that with a few styles that were already working for AYC. After that it came together really fast. We started talking about it, and a few weeks later had samples and shot the ad.

Take a look at the new collection right here:

Huston Problems - Front.jpg
Huston Problems - back.jpg
Nyjah Diamonds in Paradise Tee - back.jpg
Nyjah Diamonds in Paradise Tee - front.jpg
Nyjah Diamonds in Paradise.jpg
Nyjah Paradise - back.jpg
Nyjah Paradise - front.jpg
Nyjah Paradise Bars - back.jpg
Nyjah Paradise Bars - front.jpg
Nyjah Paradise Crusher Bucket.jpg
Nyjah Paradise Delta.jpg
Nyjah Paradise Stripes - back.jpg
Nyjah Paradise Stripes - front.jpg
Nyjah Paradise in Black.jpg
Nyjah Tiger Delta Stars - Front.jpg
Nyjah Tiger Delta Stars - back.jpg
Nyjah Tiger Stripes - back.jpg
Nyjah Tiger Stripes - front.jpg
Nyjah Tiger Style Bucket.jpg
Paradise Snapback.jpg
bucket inner.jpg

What stuck out to you the most about creating apparel? Anything surprising or any stories to relate from the process?

Trying to balance what you wear personally with what kids are into. I think we created a good mix.

Nyjah Huston on new asphalt yacht club collection

Nyjah Huston, nosegrind. Photo: Rodent

Which retailers will be carrying the new collection? Is it a limited product run?

It’s exclusive to Tilly’s and tillys.com

On the design side, what sets this collection apart and makes it stand out from the rest?

It’s pretty loud for the kids who like that, but there are some more mellow versions for people who are more low key.

What are you most hyped on about the new collection?

My favorite shirt is the Paradise Bars Tee.

What’s next for Nyjah X AYC?

I have a signing at Tilly’s right after the Street League finals to launch the collection, and then we (AYC) are headed to Canada for a week.





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