Marking his sixth win out of the last eight SLS contests, Nyjah Huston took home is second back-to-back 2012 series win with first place at the second stop of the Street League Skateboarding DC Pro Tour. Held in Ontario, CA by Monster Energy, the contest saw Huston qualify first heading into finals, which saw Huston go trick-for-trick against Chaz Ortiz, Sean Malto, and Luan Oliveira. Huston took top honors with an overall finals score of 47.7, with Ortiz skating into second with an overall finals score of 46.2 followed by Malto who rounded out the top three with a 45.9. Huston didn’t quit there, however, as the 17-year old skate prodigy also walked away with the Monster Energy Best Trick after sticking a Cab flip backside lip to backside noseblunt on bump-to-down-bar: earning him a hefty score of 9.8.

Of his win, Huston commented, "Obviously, I feel awesome, it felt like it was one of the closest wins yet.  I think the main reason was that there was no big rail and that's what I always skate, so I had to adjust to the whole Hubba selection, but it worked out. After I fell on the kickflip backside tail, I was stressing for sure, I had to make sure I stuck the next trick."

"I'm thrilled to come back to California and showcase Street League's evolution as the most exciting skateboarding contest ever," says creator Rob Dyrdek.  "Again it came down to the very last trick with Ortiz, Malto, and Huston all having a shot to win. In the end, Huston landed the biggest tricks when it mattered and showed again that when he Is at the top of his game he's unstoppable."

The 24 SLS pros all voted for Jimmy Carlin to win the Zumiez 24-7 Award, along with a prize purse of $7,000. Post-finals, all the skaters had one last chance to skate in the Chevrolet Overdrive, looking to bag the award of $10,000. Despite solid runs from Chris Cole, Jimmy Carlin, Ryan Sheckler & Shane O'Neill, Tom Asta walked away with the prize, after laying down a heavy run, which included a Kick Flip Backside Nose Grind Revert and a Switch Frontside and Backside Heel Flip down the Big set.

The next stop of the Street League Skateboarding DC Pro Tour is set to go down in Glendale, Arizona July 14 and 15 at the Arena. Following stop three, the tour culminates in a winner-takes-all Championship featuring the winners of the first three stops of the 2012 tour along with the remaining top eight qualifiers who will compete for $200,000 as well as the title of Street League Champion. This final contest is set to go down in Newark, NJ at the Prudential Center on August 26.

More on Huston and his impressive win in the release from Monster, below:

Ontario, Calif – June 16, 2012 – Nyjah Huston is simply unstoppable! In front of a screaming Southern California crowd, Monster Energy's own Huston did it again, delivering a mind-bending barrage of technical skating and rolling away with yet another victory at stop two of the Street League Skateboarding™ DC Pro Tour fueled by Monster Energy in Ontario, CA.

With this second back-to-back 2012 series win, Huston has now won six of the last eight SLS contests—a streak that is quickly making him the most dominant competitive skater in the history of the sport.  It is also earning him a small fortune.  In Ontario, he earned $150,000 for first place plus an additional $10K for the Monster Energy Best Trick prize, for a total of $160,000. That's the same amount he took home from SLS stop one in Kansas City last month. Add that to the half-million he made last season, and this 17-year-old is inching up on a million dollars combined payout from Street League so far. The cash is incredible no doubt, but it's nowhere near as incredible as his skating.

On Friday Huston easily qualified in first place for the Saturday final, and pretty much held his ground throughout the two rounds of elimination heading into the six-man super final. The final began with the Run Section, where the eight skaters were scored on the best of two 45-second runs. With his first run, Huston quickly swung into first by sticking tricks like kickflip backsides 50-50 on the kink ledge, kickflip backside lipslide on the bump up-to-rail, and Cab to lipslide on the big bump-to-down bar, posting a hefty 8.8. On his second run he one-upped himself by replacing the Cab to lip with a shocker: the Cab to backside noseblunt over bump-to-down-bar. The crowd went berserk and the judges had no choice but to score Huston with a 9.2. Amazingly, this would not be his highest score of the day.

In the Best Trick Section, the seven remaining skaters had five attempts to put down four solid scores and avoid elimination. In this section Huston stuck two huge maneuvers and repeated his Cab to backside noseblunt on bump-to-down-bar earning a 9.0. Three attempts later, the cool, calm kid pushed the madness into another dimension, sticking a Cab flip backside lip on the bump-to-down-rail, posting an unprecedented score of 9.8. Not only did this trick easily earn him the extra $10K for the Monster Energy Best Trick prize, but it was also the most progressive trick ever done in SLS, sure to be an enduring highlight of the 2012 series.

Huston held onto his lead heading into the final showdown in the Big Section. Here skaters had six attempts to rack up four high scores on the courses' biggest ledges and stairsets. He hit the ledges with a backside 180 nosegrind, a kickflip backside 5-0, and a kickflip backside tailslide. As it came down to the last attempts, Huston, stuck a hardflip off the stairs and posted a 6.2 to regain the lead. The remaining competitors couldn't catch him and Huston rolled out of the arena with yet another incredible win.

As he squeezed past legions of fans screaming for his autograph and signing as many as he could while the press began to surround him, Huston had some words on the Ontario victory.

When asked whether he's feeling the pressure increase as his winning streak continues, Huston said: "No way, I'm going to be so mellow by Arizona. I'm not gonna stress out on that one, I'm literally just going out there to have fun."

Huston's Monster Energy teammate Peter Ramondetta, who also competed in the Saturday final—his first SLS final—survived two blistering rounds of elimination to take home 6th place honors in Ontario.

Make sure and check out the next two stops this summer by attending the event, or tuning into the live ESPN broadcast.  Next up is stop three in Glendale, Arizona July 14 and 15 at the Arena.

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