After the brand was named 2012 Best Specialty Specific Store Product Line in the TransWorld Business Industry Awards, Nike Skateboarding’s Sandy Bodecker, who most recently has shifted from VP to handling special projects focused on long-term product innovation, gives us the breakdown on what the brand is doing to make its product stand out from the rest and what it has up its sleeve for next year.

Sandy Bodecker, VP of Nike Skateboarding

Sandy Bodecker, VP of Nike Skateboarding

What does this award mean to you and your efforts to support specialty skate retailers?

This award means a lot to Nike Skateboarding. We are committed to the continued growth of the skateboarding community and are very appreciative of the support and the relationships we have developed over the last 10 years. We look forward to continuing and strengthening our commitment to the future of skateboarding.

Why is it important to Nike to create product that is only available in specialty shops?

The specialty shops are the heart of the skate community. In order for the sport to remain vibrant and inspiring to the next generation of skaters, we need the specialty shops to stay healthy and profitable. One of the ways we can support the shops is by providing the right mix of product that is directly influenced by and made specifically for the core skate shops.

How do you make the product stand out for skaters?

The products we create are inspired by insights, conversations and interactions we have with skateboarders. We start the initial conversations with our team of professional skaters. We also spend a lot of time with skateboarders of all levels who are passionate about the sport. Nike Skateboarding also looks for inspiration and innovation from other categories within Nike. There is amazing creativity and innovation at Nike that we can draw from and apply to the needs of our athletes to create great product for the consumer.

What else are you proud of as far as your efforts to help core stores?

I'm proud of the team we have working on skateboarding and our work with specialty stores. Skateboarding has evolved and changed over the last 10 years and our team is constantly looking and working on new ways to help innovate skateboarding. We want to partner with the core community to help enable positive change for our retailers and the sport.

What's in the works for Nike Skateboarding in 2013?

Nike Skateboarding has a lot to be excited about in 2013 including the Koston 2 and P-Rod VII. We're also proud to be working with the crew at S.P.O.T. for the 20th Anniversary of the Tampa Pro, which is an amazing achievement. Nike Skateboarding has more to offer in 2013, but you will just have to wait and see.