JanetTV Launches Sports Channel with Around the Clock Coverage for Female Athletes

New network JanetTV has launched, becoming the first sports channel dedicated to featuring 24-hour coverage of female athletes and their sports, which will range from action sports like surfing, snowboarding, and motocross to many other mainstream sports disciplines. Here’s the press release:

AUSTIN, Texas (April 4, 2013)—Janet TV launched the first sports channel dedicated to providing 24-hour coverage of female athletes and their sports on April 1, 2013. The channel features sporting events, original shows, articles, movies, scores and news—including an extensive curation effort—to deliver the most robust female sports content experience. Janet TV is an online channel/web destination that is available to viewers nationwide via computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles and connected TVs at www.JanetTV.com .

Janet TV is dedicated to featuring female athletes and their accomplishments, and not treating them like second-class citizens as is done by the established sports media. Janet TV allows females to see themselves playing, winning, losing, and enjoying—without apology. 

Darryl Mobley, CEO of Janet TV, got the inspiration to develop the channel while watching one of his daughters and her friends play high school basketball. Mobley recalls, "I was sitting in the stands and I started thinking about how hard these girls worked at developing their skills for their sports. I reflected on how female athletes and their sports mostly get ignored by the major sports media. I told another parent sitting next to me that it would be great if these athletes had their own channel where they could get the information, and see the role models, they needed in order to get better. My son has several channels that he can tune to for male sports role models. That's when it hit me! Why not provide a dedicated women's sports channel for all female athletes? Right now, these athletes seldom get to see themselves competing. Why not have a sports channel just for women? The channel's name came from a longtime friend who wanted to play sports as a young girl. She had great athletic talent. Unfortunately, Title IX came along too late to help her live her athletic dreams."

In 1972, high school sports were all but unavailable to girls. Today, more than four million high school girls play varsity sports. More than 240,000 females are on college athletic scholarship. This is nearly half of all college scholarship athletes. Despite these facts, female athletes receive less than 1% of major sports media coverage. Janet TV provides these women the long overdue platform to showcase their talents.

Females rarely see themselves in sports competitions, except for Olympic Games and a few once-a-year major championships. Where can a female (or her fans) tune-in to see the best female lacrosse or softball player, or snowboarder? Answer: Nowhere. Who's the fastest female in the world? Who's the world's best female surfer? Most don't know the answers to these questions because sports media rarely celebrate female athletes. The result? Females are disadvantaged when it comes to the benefits from participation in sports.

Janet TV will highlight athletic & active women, with coverage of a range of college, amateur and professional sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball, yoga, field hockey, softball, lacrosse, mixed martial arts, water polo, cheerleading, surfing, boxing, swimming, cycling, rodeo, squash, diving, and much more. Janet TV also provides a rich social environment where female sports enthusiasts can share their love of their favorite athletes and sports, give their opinions and discuss the latest scores.

Janet TV's line-up of original shows slated to begin in May, includes original series featuring athletes, social media driven shows with viewer-generated content and shows featuring sports bloggers going head-to-head on hot topics of the day.

"I was told–during conversations with people who work for some of the major sports media companies– that women just don't like sports very much. Janet TV is a reimagination of sports TV, a reinvention of how females see themselves as physical beings, and a reset of how the world sees female athletes. Janet TV's platform featuring successful women competing in sports will give females, young & old, the permission to dream," Mobley said.