Analog Technical Fashion (ATF)

Analog Clothing has created a new series called ATF (Analog Technical Fashion) with the goal of making casual street wear mountain worthy. The new line currently offers nine pieces, each has treated fabric as well as other technical features, that allow for optimal performance both on and off the hillside. For full details about the new product, read on to the Press Release below.

Irvine, California (July 21st, 2010) The ATF series was born with the idea that progressive style can be totally functional and technically sound. Taking influences from our apparel line, and combining a variety of technical properties, ATF provides options for riders to express themselves on and off the mountain.

Even though this isn’t traditional outerwear, each item in this nine-piece collection has special detailing and treated fabrications but overall, technicality and style played the key roles. Some of the details and technical features are hidden upon first glance.

“Each item has its own feature system for what it’s meant to do. Really we’ve just taken some solid street wear styles and made them rideable.”-Joey Jorgensen, Analog Design Director

Zippers on the pockets (front kangaroo, hand pocket, interior stash pocket) are there to keep in the goods; wallet, ipod, phone, cash, keys.

ATF Zippers

The snaps on the hood are a small detail with a big benefit, these additional snaps allow the rider a snugger fit of the hood without having to choke on the drawstrings and prevent the hood from blowing back while riding.

ATF Snaps

Some of the cotton fabrics have water resistant coatings and wicking properties that keep you dry and pull moisture away from the body. Select styles also come in an 80% cotton/20% “recycled bottle” polyester fabric. Everyone knows you build up a sweat on the Mountain, this new anti-bacterial finish helps to prevent the stink.

Analog Technical Fashion (ATF) is exactly what it claims to be. It is everyday street wear built for riding.

About Analog Clothing
Analog is a clothing company whose goal is to create outside the lines and push creativity and individuality in skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. Analog offers a simple concept: to be open to more than one idea, consistently deliver the inconsistent and forge unlikely offerings to the status quo. In a world that’s digital, we choose to be ANALOG. DESIGN UNLIKELY FUTURES…