Red Bull was a major sponsor for last year’s USASA Nationals.

While news has been dominated recently by major contest sponsor pullouts, USASA & Monster struck up a multi year deal to make Monster the "Official Beverage" for USASA Nationals and regional events.

According to the press release:

The 2009 USASA Nationals will be held at Copper Mountain, CO on April 6th-10th. The attendance is expected to be over 1,600 competitors and 10,000 spectators. In addition, the USASA Regional Series events begin in November 2009 with 33 regions hosting over 500 events at over 100 resorts throughout the

"Monster Energy is very excited and proud to be a sponsor of the USASA.  Our
major initiative is to be involved with snowboarding on a developmental and
grassroots level. We would like to be infused in snowboarding and give back to
the sport. What better way to do so than to partner up with an organization that
promotes amateur snowboarders as well as the sport of snowboarding. The
USASA is a perfect alliance that will help us achieve our goals."

John Lee-Director of Sports Marketing ,Monster Energy

"We are stoked to be working with Monster Energy at both the Regional and
National level. Monster understands that the grassroots of  snowboarding is key
to developing the future pros of our sport. Most of the US pros have come
through the USASA and they all credit the organization for being their pathway to
becoming professionals. With the help of Monster Energy we can continue to
provide that path for future generations of competitive snowboarders."

Jason Toutolmin-Executive Director, USASA

"This relationship will prove to be a win win for USASA and Monster Energy. Both
brands have the same common connection and together they will help raise the
awareness of snowboarding and the success of the sports athletes on and off the

Robert Graff-CEO, Graffy,Inc.