Mitch Abshere On Life In Oceanside & Electric Collab Be Cool Man

Take a walk through the world of Mitch Abshere as he tours through his hometown of Oceanside, California, reflecting on the people and places that have influenced him and helped in creating the Captain Fin Brand. For a more in-depth look inside how he started the brand, check out our interview with Mitch and photo tour of Captain Fin headquarters.  We also checked in with him recently at his Oceanside retail spot, Captain’s Helm. Inspired by all that is Captain Fin, Electric brings you the ‘Be Cool Man’ Collection. Check out the collection below:

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mitch abshere on life in oceanside & electric collab be cool man

Be Cool Man Capsule, by Captain Fin and Electric

Known for style on land and in water, Captain Fin has created a movement bigger than himself. The iconic Captain Fin style comes from his love for colorful vans from the 70's, cult classic movies from the 80's, and all the 'radness' of the 90's. A continuation of the original 'BE COOL MAN' capsule, part two features a print mash up of old school newsprints and TV scenes from all his favorite era's. Offered in two vibrant color selections this playful print can be found on the Bengal or Swingarm sunglass frame, and on the ED01, Electric's digital tide watch. Available now online and at select retailers.


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Electric Be Cool Man Bengal By Captain Fin

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