Ritual Wellness X Mikoh
Ritual Wellness X Mikoh
Ritual Wellness X Mikoh
Ritual Wellness X Mikoh
Ritual Wellness X Mikoh
Ritual Wellness X Mikoh
Ritual Wellness X Mikoh
Ritual Wellness X Mikoh
Ritual Wellness X Mikoh


It’s no secret that the level of awareness around organic, raw foods, and their direct correlation to the way we look and feel, continues to rise daily as our culture leans further toward ways to create sustainable and healthy ways to eat, play, and live in general.

The founders over at Ritual Wellness have keyed in on the crossover between our action sports demographic and their consumers to create a brand ambassador program that highlights how athletes are getting on board with wellness. In April, the Southern California-based team named pro snowboarder Channelle Sladics as their Environmental Ambassador in honor of Earth Day, and just this week they announced that Mikoh Swimwear Co-founders Oleema and Kalani Miller were chosen as Ritual’s spokeswomen for June, with a portion of sales from their favorite juice being donated towards the Surfrider Foundation for the entire month.

"One of the original goals for Ritual Wellness was to offer nutritionally dense juices made from real, organic ingredients that could replace engineered nutrition for athletes and for people on the go,” says Co-founder Marra St. Clair. “It is really important for us to work closely with athletes in order to make sure that we continue to fill that need. Working with athletes who use Ritual Juices to fuel and recover from their workouts allows us to see exactly where existing juice blends are most beneficial and provides valuable feedback for future product development."

Hailing from Southern California, with the beach as their backyard and surf culture as second nature, the Miller sisters follow a wellness philosophy of their own that incorporates organic foods, and say they are excited to support Ritual’s cause. We caught up with swimwear designer Kalani Miller to find out more.

How do you see organic juice , eating organic, and the overall wellness trend carrying over to the surf & swimwear industry?

Part of the beach and active lifestyle that we lead is eating healthy. Both Oleema and myself agree that eating healthy organic foods, exercise, and juicing is important to healthy living.

How does this translate to many in our same demographic and speak to our audience?

I think by leading by example and eating what is right for you and your body is the way to go. Many of my friends are inspired by Oleema and I’s juice cleansing. We love it!

What other ways do you hope to weave this into your brand and partner with retailers to drive home the message of being fit and healthy as Mikoh’s message?

We want our consumers to be confident in the MIKOH that they wear. Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman. And who doesn’t feel best when their body feels good, inside and out?

 Read on for the official press release from Ritual Wellness.

Irvine, CALIF., (June 2013)Ritual Wellness is thrilled to announce the dynamic entrepreneurs and cofounders of Mikoh Swimwear, Oleema and Kalani Miller, as the June Ambassadors of its Ritual JuiceBox retail stores, located at the Camp in Costa Mesa and on Pacific Coast Highway in Corona del Mar.

The Miller sisters have chosen the Surfrider Foundation, an environmental organization that works to protect and preserve the world's oceans, waves and beaches, as their charity of choice. Ten percent of the sales of every Cashew Mylk – Oleema and Kalani's favorite blend – purchased at Ritual JuiceBox locations during the month of June will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation.

Growing up in San Clemente, Calif., the sisters cherish their creative household with the beach as their backyard, surfing their entire lives. "It is important to keep Mother Earth and our beaches clean," says Kalani.

Oleema and Kalani both live by their own wellness philosophies and strongly believe in eating organic foods. "The main reason I eat organic is the fact that we were given this one body to live in, we must cherish it and treat it like a temple," Oleema said.

Encouraged to follow a career path that would make them happy, and passionate about fashion and surfing, the Miller sisters decided to create their own swimwear line that offered women stylish, yet durable bathing suits. The label launched in 2009 and has garnered the attention of customers, media and celebrities since.

“We are excited to have these fellow female entrepreneurs as Ritual Ambassadors," said Marra St.Clair, Ritual Wellness co-founder. "Mikoh Swimwear is an incredible local company that walks the walk we love. The Mikoh brand inspires women to be healthy, fit, environmentally conscious and confident.”

Visit Ritual JuiceBox at The CAMP – 2937 Bristol Street C100-B, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 or at the Corona del Mar location at 2841 East Coast Highway. For more information visit www.ritualwellness.com.


The mission of Ritual Wellness is to make superior raw and 100% organic nutritional products available to everyone. From the avid health and fitness enthusiast to the busy mom or enterprising professional, Ritual Wellness' environmentally sound products help bring balance to anyone's health regimen. Ritual Wellness products have become a favorite among celebrities and their trainers, and also hold a stamp of approval from internationally-renowned registered dietician Ashley Koff. Ritual Wellness co-founders Marra St. Clair and Lori Kenyon – both certified nutritional consultants and fitness experts – bring their knowledge to the company and its customers, and are proud to empower them to discover health and well-being through their 100% certified organic and raw vegetable and fruit juice Reset Cleanse and Ritual Juice products. For more information, visit www.ritualwellness.com.