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The Pho King & The Winger

The Pho King & The Winger

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Huntz Hager/ Skateboard Product Manager

What are the biggest trends shaping skate hard goods this year as far as materials, graphics, distribution, production, and other business model type stuff?

Freedom Dolly sees the biggest trends in skate hardgoods being the skateboard truly arriving as a rideable renewable transportation accessory. Freedom Dolly longboards and cruisers are vehicles for fun and are well decorated by Matt French to match any outfit or pocket book.

What deck sizes, prices and models have been doing best this year?

We are seeing a continued trend towards the short and semi short longboard decks as our best sellers. These fall in the range of 30"-38″ models.

How are sales of new technologies doing for you?  What has been working best and why?

We have found that committing to renewable materials and resin construction techniques has increased durability, sustainability, shelf appeal and desirability of Freedom Dolly products.

How have sales been compared to last year? What do you attribute this to?

Freedom Dolly has seen sales increase dramatically this year.  We attribute this to being handmade from sustainably harvested, ecologically processed bamboo and Matt French artwork.

Skateboard Product Manager Huntz Hager

Skateboard Product Manager Huntz Hager

Do you include MSRP’s on your hardgoods? Why or why not?

Freedom Dolly believes the future of skateboard retail requires dealers to have a healthy margin.

How are you working with core retailers?

Freedom Dolly is committed to skateboard retail shops. We build fun, performance quality, durable hardgoods with solid margins that are the foundation of core retail stores.

Are prices staying steady this year?

After years of development and underground testing this is the first year Freedom Dolly is being made available for sale to the public.

What advice do you have for core retailers trying to increase their hardgoods sales?

We recommend carrying Freedom Dolly rideable, renewable skateboard products.

Where are you producing hardgoods these days?

Freedom Dolly's produced at D Street Manufacturing.

What are your predictions for sales for the remainder of 2010?

We are looking forward to steady increases in sales for the remainder of 2010 and into the next decade.

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