Melin’s new Watermelin collection features premium materials in a unique composition

February 3rd, 2016 (Oceanside, CA): Southern California Premium Luxury Headwear Brand, Melin just launched their newest series called “Watermelin” for 2016.

Already known as the “go-to” name when it comes to premium, high-end caps, Melin is now showing its ability to introduce new innovation into the market. The Watermelin series is a clever play on words, yet self explanatory. Its introduction is part of a bigger picture strategy that Melin is calling its TECH division, which stands for “Trans-Element-Capable-Headwear”, yet another clever play on words…

melin - the affair red black rotater

Designed and tested with names like Ryan Sheckler, Shane Bonifay, Antony Lopez and Ryan Taylor, this new Watermelin series is validated and ready to perform. Melin is introducing a png list of new materials, features and even a new fit with this series.

First, the materials introduced are quite unique. For example, The Amphibian style is comprised of imported Japanese Neoprene (high end wetsuit material) that has been waterproof treated as well as a custom laser perforated poly-boardshort material. The under visor and seam taping lines are reinforced with Ballistic Nylon. There’s also an interior water-wicking performance lining inside the crown. The combination of these materials profiles an interesting variation in visual texture, has a premium hand to it as well as a natural clean style aesthetic all its own.

The Nomad style is built with hand waxed Egyptian cotton on the crown and brim which is also waterproof treated. The look and feel of this new style plays nicely with its brother, The Amphibian. All of these materials are designed for use and are intended to be worn in and around water, hence the “H2O Compatible” mantra.

melin - the affair red black rotater

When it comes to innovation and new concepts, the new Watermelin series is not lacking. It is packed with new features. A few of the key details are sited below:

Melin TECH:

Trans-Element-Capable-Headwear. Designed to be used out in the elements. From sea to sky, from desert sand to mountain snow. The Pineapple to the Big Apple and everywhere in between.

Hydro-Shell Technology:

Clear silicone is applied to the exterior materials and cured to ensure a water repellent surface. Ready to use and take on the elements.

Liqui-Phobic Visor:

Compressed EVA molded bill core blended with resin, does not soak up any water or warp with use.

Laser Perforation:

Side and rear crown panels are laser cut with a custom perforation pattern for breathability, weight reduction and comfort.

Ballistic Reinforcement:

Filament woven Ballistic Nylon undervisor and exterior seam tape is used for durability, strength and performance.


Proprietary rubberized compound material coupled with a custom 3-D mold, resulting in the most comfortable, flexible snap-back on the market.

Rubberized Trims:

Signature Melin trim pieces are new and rubberized to withstand abuse and exposure to the elements.

Custom Melin details: 

Smart details throughout each style, from logo tacks and custom taping to heat transfer labels and hidden stash pockets.

Watermelin-Series Line Up

The attention to detail in the new Watermelin series is clear as it is packed with innovation. One notable aspect is the pricing of these hats. They are set to retail as $59 and there is an available EVA molded ‘Hat Stash’ for $29.

The Watermelin collection dropped yesterday and is available now.

For more information on the specifics of Watermelin as well as the rest of the Melin collection, visit