Case Study: Measuring ROI for brand advocates | A one-year snapshot of the GoPro Awards

The GoPro Awards is celebrating one year since launching its advocates program, encouraging enthusiasts and GoPro owners across its vast community to upload photos, short clips, and full length videos for a chance to win cash and recognition.

In the past twelve months, the brand has received more than 226,000 content submissions from all 196 countries where they’ve offered the program. More than 90,000 people have opted in to submit their content, generating upwards of 23 million organic views across GoPro entertainment channels.


Korbinian Biehler for GoPro

This year, GoPro has granted $1.25 million to content creators across the world for their submissions. We were curious what the brand values as the most significant indicator of ROI on this investment, and how they plan to continue to build upon the idea of the GoPro Awards next year and beyond.



VP of Creative & Strategy for GoPro Entertainment Wil Tidman discusses the details.

How did GoPro come up with this program and how have you seen it elevate your community beyond just the typical “ambassador program"?

A huge part of our success has been through our global community of GoPro camera owners capturing and sharing their life's experiences with the world. We felt that it was incredibly important to support this community and to give them a platform where they had the opportunity to gain exposure and be rewarded for their incredible imagery. The Awards program has enabled thousands of people to get recognized, become better filmmakers, earn money to use for new experiences they may not have been able to have, and to be a part of an amazing community.

The stats on how much growth you’ve seen since launching the program are impressive. From a 30,000 foot level, what is the most significant measure of ROI for this project and why?

We have a lot of people submitting incredible content and being rewarded for it and the statistics are exceeding our expectations, but the biggest return is when I hear stories about the personal impact the reward is having on a family. For example, a father is using his $5000 reward to buy a van, that he could not otherwise have afforded, in order to take his kids on road trip adventures and capture these experiences with GoPro to have as life long memories. That is pretty substantial and significant ROI in my mind.

What is the next step for this program? How do you see GoPro elevating to the next level with your current advocates and continuing to gain new advocates to the program?

The creator community is one of GoPro’s biggest focuses right now. We plan to grow this program by bringing new value to existing creators and finding ways for new creators — regardless of their experience level — to join the GoPro family, benefit from GoPro Awards and learn new capturing and editing skills to take them to the next level. To that end, we hope to see new awards challenges, new trainings and educational opportunities, and new programs to engage and grow our community.
Gavin Beschen for GoPro

Gavin Beschen for GoPro