Mark Angell— a surf shaper, designer and innovator with 48 years of experience —has emerged from the underground to bring his designs mainstream. Here’s the press release:

HANALEI, HI, January 8, 2013 – Mark Angell Surfboards launched a new website this month at The highest quality hand-shaped custom designed surfboards, stand up paddleboards, logo apparel and accessories are available for purchase at the site or by contacting Mark directly. Guests can browse the selection of model short boards, longboards, specialty boards, as well as quality stand up paddleboards and a new line of Wahine longboards. Original personalized boards and designs are also available and can easily be ordered.

Mark's philosophy on board building is simple; custom, custom and custom quality crafted hand-shaped boards from start to finish. Each board is truly a work of art. His "old school" philosophy of perfection, board performance and customer satisfaction are the core components of his business and values.

The website has a grass roots feel and is a colorful combination of "Soulful Surfing History" via Mark's bio, plus pictorial content, past and present, and showcases the new model line of quality boards and merchandise. Visitors can read and even print out things like "Surfing Etiquette" at , along with monthly informational articles revolving around surfing and sup. The "Surf buyers Guide" helps customers in selecting a board to meet their specific needs and for clarification or specialty orders, Mark is just a phone call or email away.

His dedication to his craft and surfing has set him apart as an innovator, not a duplicator. According to Angell, who surfs daily whether it's his six foot progressive shortboard or one of his cutting edge longboards, both keep him in the water developing and testing new design theories. Board building is all about hydrodynamics and design. This is what truly sets him apart from most shapers; his ability to conceive, then create and most importantly test. "As a shaper, the most important thing is to see the stoke on a surfer's face after the first session with their new board, no words necessary", says Angell.

Living the life for over fifty years truly defines and qualifies Mark Angell as a shaper and surfer. Through the years he has shaped boards for many world class surfers and has shaped alongside many of surfing's legends. Mark was recently honored as one of five shapers to shape at the Sacred Craft Expo in Santa Cruz, where shaper Ward Coffey put it so well; he stated, "Mark Angell was always an inspiration to me. To own an Angell was elusive and magic." Mark started competing as a team rider for the original O'Neill Surf Team back in 1964 and later for Hobie Surfboards. In 1966 at the Cowell's Beach Noseriding Contest, Mark set the record for the longest noseride in competition at 39.6 seconds, which still holds today! Mark is still competing in and winning contests in Hawaii today.

Mark Angell Surfboards is devoted to the preservation and the craft of hand-shaped custom boards for both the old school and new generation of rippers in Hawaii and throughout the world. Mark Angell Surfboards stands for excellence in design and detail.

Mark Angell Surfboards is an established quality board building company located in Kauai, Hawaii. Learn more about Mark Angell Surfboards history, quality custom boards and accessories on their website at . Inquiries can be made by calling 808-651-1234.